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How to Survive in a Tough Job

Sep 12, 2008
We have to admit that in every work place, competition is prevalent among co-workers. This is not actually met with disdain rather a challenge to survive through improvement of one's job and being at par with the best in the field. In a way, competition is good for everyone. It pushes one to reach his limitations and to discover more his talents and capabilities. It makes one to strive harder in his work and be the best not only for personal goals but for the whole world to help. If you feel that you are actually in the battlefield of survival in your company, probably you have to breathe in a minute and re assess your self if you could survive these competitions. Whether you are a doctor wearing a landau scrubs or a lawyer inn a corporate suit, you have to give yourself an edge in your work.

Charles Darwin formulated "Survival of the Fittest Theory" which is accepted by everyone in this day and age. Indeed, the least qualified are left at the bottom of the food chain and the strongest are on the top portion. Analyst believed that every hospitals, offices, corporations and every institution with workers has its own food chain. And the weakest one are removed when retrenchment or resignations come in. If you believe in your work and you love your work, it is now a matter of survival for you. Don't think that you need to survive in order to have a job. You want to survive because it pushes you to your edge and makes your brain work better and faster.

In order to survive in a tough job, make yourself salable all the time. This means that you have to show your bosses and company owners that you are asset of the company. You have to prove that you are not only a doctor wearing landau medical scrubs doing his day to day routine of saving patient's lives but you are someone who could take the hospital to greater heights through your specialty in a field or because of your brilliant ideas that can make the hospital a better place for everyone.

You have to be very good if not the best in what you do. This is not only to increase your salary but for others to see that you are taking your job seriously and that you are willing to take greater heights to improve your craft. You are taking your job with all your heart and with the whole belief that you can make a difference in everyone's life.

Of course, you have to remember etiquette. You are not there to destroy someone else's career or to be a sore loser every time you commit a mistake. Avoid this situation wherein you only think of being on the top and nothing else. This takes the fun and life out of you not to mention that it destroys your relationship with your colleagues, family and with yourself.
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