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Learn How You Can Attain Financial Freedom Through Cash Gifting And Cash Leveraging

Sep 12, 2008
Why do people become involved in internet marketing? There is but one answer to this! They want to MAKE MONEY! Why do most people starting out in internet marketing jump from program to program? Because they discover that the product - or products - are too hard to sell and nobody really wants them anyhow. And so the internet becomes littered with stories of people shouting "scam", and "internet marketing doesn't work".

If you learn nothing else, learn this! People surfing the internet want to make money! End of story!

In all my years of internet marketing, ten in all now, I've never had so much success as I have had with cash gifting and cash leveraging systems.

The great advantage with cash gifting and cash leveraging systems is that they give you the chance - and the ability - to make a very good income within a very short amount of time. You see, they cater directly for peoples needs. More money! No convincing people to buy xyz product, no team or downline to build, no talking for hours on the phone trying to convince other people.

So, how can you become involved and start to make some really good money?

One of the most important aspects of cash gifting and cash leveraging is that anyone can become involved. Yes - that means YOU! My first piece of advice is that you do your due diligence. Do a Google search on the keywords "cash gifting and cash leveraging", "cash gifting" and "cash leveraging". This will bring up a ton of systems, plus reviews, articles, and blogs written by various people airing their points of view on the subject.

Rule number 1. DON'T JOIN ANYTHING!! Well, at least not yet!

Rule number 2. Scroll through at least the first three pages and read everything!( yep, you heard -
everything! ). Some of the material will be for - or pro - cash gifting and leveraging. Some will be against - or anti - cash gifting and leveraging.

Rule number 3. Keep an open mind.

After reading some of the "against" viewpoints, you may be feeling a little apprehensive. Let me try here to walk you through that feeling. You can become involved in cash gifting or leveraging for as little as $25. Or you can become involved for $150. I think you will agree that that is not exactly a fortune.

One absolute piece of excellent advice here - DO NOT become involved for more than $150 !! A really good system will allow you to upgrade later - after you start making some real money. Do not be tempted - no matter what anyone tells you - to become involved at the $3,500 or $5,000 level! In my opinion, that is greed, and you're more likely to fail and lose that money! Why is that, I hear you ask. Simply because the people who become involved through your efforts will feel that they must do what you've done.

In other words, what you do must be duplicatable, and easily so. I'm sure you can see that they are much more likely to follow a $25 or $150 example than a $3,500 or $5,000 example.

Remember this - your invitees don't want to feel that they could lose their shirts here! They want to feel that you really do want to show them how to make money in a manner which is not going to cost them a small fortune; and they want to feel that you care about them and their success. They're much more likely to feel that way if they follow you and your example and become involved in cash gifting or cash leveraging at the $25 or $150 level.

Remember that some people have very real difficulties with dealing in just money! Maybe you do, too. Try to look at it from this perspective. Dealing in just cash has been around for literally thousands of years in one form or another.

How many people out there in the world today deal in shares, stocks, bonds, debentures and so on? These types of "money only" businesses are considered normal and quite respectable. The people involved in those types of transactions most usually put up thousands - often tens of thousands - of dollars to buy their shares, which is no more that a piece of paper detailing the name and amount of the shares they have bought. Very many people do very well in the share market, and some people lose their money. Know that this is normal and it will always be that way.

Cash gifting and cash leveraging is, therefore, a cheaper and easier option, and you have the very real chance of making a very nice income, thank you very much, relatively quickly.

So you still have some doubts about cash gifting and leveraging. Although you can receive thousands upon thousands of cash gifts, remember that each person only gives one gift! So you're not receiving thousands upon thousands of dollars all from the one person.

The people you invite to take a look at cash gifting and leveraging will follow your example and only gift $25 or $150. In return they - and you - now have the means to receive thousands upon thousands of dollars in return for their ( your ) cash gift to someone else. What a neat thing to be able to do for other people - show them how to attain financial freedom! I don't know about you, but I feel WAY good about being able to do that for others.

I have chosen, after very much research, to become involved in cash gifting and leveraging through two different programs. Beginning to see results was practically instantaneous and I feel just GREAT. We are all helping each other. I highly recommend the two programs that I have chosen to work with ( well, I would, wouldn't I? They work! ). They are professional, informative, easy to follow, and helpful.

If you don't want to sell products but want to make some very real money, then my advice to you is to become involved in the business of helping others - cash gifting and/or cash leveraging.
About the Author
Lynda Mekalick is an Internet Marketer from New Zealand. Her success has resulted from implementing educational programs which are available online. She writes articles based on her ten years experience as an internet marketer .Visit her at :- http://www. lynscashbox.com and http://www.lynsmoneytree.com
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