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5 Things To Look For In A Residual Income Program

Sep 12, 2008
I think we can all agree that getting paid in the future for work you do today is a positive thing. That is exactly what residual income does for you. It allows you to create a future income on the work you are doing today.

Not all residual income opportunities are created equally. Let's take a look at five things you should look for when joining a residual income program.

1. The product you are representing is going to be the critical thing. You only want to sell products that are of the highest quality.

On the Internet today you are looking for products in a market where people are currently spending money. There is no sense trying to create a market because the Internet is too large for you to do that.

2. The product that you sell must continue to have a need on an ongoing basis. This is how you earn a residual income making one sale.

For example website hosting is something that a person continues to need month after month. Finding a program that pays you for recruiting website hosting customers is an excellent way to earn an ongoing income.

3. The programs that you represent should offer you marketing support. Unless you are already an Internet marketing expert you are going to need some help making sales online.

This marketing support should include a website for you to sell from, marketing materials to sell with including banners and other advertising material, and a discussion forum where you can go and ask questions.

4. Of course the compensation plan is extremely important. The best residual income programs today offer products where you can earn money up front for making a sale, and then earn a good residual income from them.

5. One final point we want to make is selling products that are Internet based is a great way to create a residual income. This is true for several reasons.

One thing about an Internet based product is it allows you to offer instant access. This is a great product to sell because it plays on people's emotions and encourages them to take action right now.

Internet products are good to sell because there is no shipping required. And they are easy to develop on an ongoing basis because there are no manufacturing costs either.

In conclusion this is 5 things to look for in a residual income program. It is a great way to create income for yourself today and in the future.
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