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Spotting that Amazingly Articulate Article

Sep 12, 2008
A well-written article needs to be enlightening and impressive. Websites need eloquent, relevant, educational and entertaining material that can catch and keep the readers' attention.

There are a few pointers that you need to know to come up with that winning article.

1. Create an intriguing title. Your title is one of the most vital features of your composition. Make sure to come up with a catchy and fascinating headline that will grab the attention of your readers and entice them to read more of your piece. Your title should be able to stimulate your readers' curiosity, leaving just enough room to lure them to sit down and read the rest of your writing.

2. Use keywords that can easily be detected by search engines. Practice optimizing your subject by making your articles search engine-friendly. You can do this by recognizing where to advantageously insert your keywords in your material.

3. Apply helpful and significant information for your target readers. The information you provide needs to be relevant to your viewers. Remember that your online visitors read your material simply because they want to be informed about a preferred subject.

4. Make your article is easy to understand. Remember that people do not have the time to read online articles at a leisurely pace. Readers usually just scan through the articles, looking for related keywords. It is highly advisable to use subheads and bullet lists. Also, the ideas you present need to be consistent. All the information you share in one article must be connected. Avoid introducing topics that are not important to avoid confusion.

5. Provide accurate information. Nothing can destroy your online writing reputation more than submitting false information. Fabrication is the quickest way to lose your readers' confidence in your articles. Always use reliable references to support your material.

6. Avoid grammar and spelling errors. These lapses can easily put off and disinterest readers, making them doubt your writing credibility. Readers will have the impression that you do not have much authority on your subject if you cannot even maintain proper written syntax.

7. Shun plagiarism. Plagiarism is the unauthorized use or imitation of another
writer's ideas while representing them as your original work. Always present a genuine contribution.

8. Write in a conversational tone. Readers will find your articles highly engaging if you sound like you are talking with them. Empathize through your pieces and reach out.

9. Make your articles short. Lengthy articles full of fancy words tend to bore readers. Write 300-500 words for each article to avoid confounding your readers with too many words and information.

10. Avoid redundancy. Do not repeat the same information and description on different parts of your article. You are not writing a poem wherein repetition of words is considered creative. Keep your articles non-repetitive, clear and simple.

Well-written articles are powerful. They should not just educate, but also entertain individuals. Keep in mind to apply these helpful tips when writing so you can offer your online enthusiasts relevant and interesting pieces.
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