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A Basic Instructional Guide to RSS Feeds

Sep 13, 2008
With the increasing popularity of RSS feeds, it's no wonder that more web users and owners are starting to delve into what these feeds do and how to get started using them. The process is actually quite simple and the benefits are innumerable. You want to make sure your system is updated and you are using quality equipment for the best RSS feed experience.

You need something to interpret the feed for you, which is known as an RSS aggregator or an RSS reader. This does the job of a translator for computer information. RSS feeds are easy to find, use, and get a great deal of use out of. RSS readers are available, usually free of charge, through many websites. You can simply do a basic internet search and you will find one that seems right for your needs.

You can simply download the reader directly from a website that offers it. You can also use one that is continuously online, which is known as a web based aggregator. You simply go through a simple registration process and then you are all set up. You can pay for a reader, but it really isn't necessary unless you find that your experience creates a desire to get more involved and you want more options. All readers are easy to customize and put you in control when it comes to your RSS feeds.

Web based readers are usually a little easier for the fresh out of the box beginner. But choosing your RSS aggregator is generally more about personal preference. The RSS feed you are interested in will have a code on the website that hosts the feed. It is easy to find and easy to scan. Once you enter the code into the reader, all the updates that are sent through the website of your choice will come through directly to you. It is that simple.

Over time, RSS feeds have developed into quite the unexpected marketing tool. Whether you want to stay abreast of the news, whether you are interested in a specific marketing website, or whether you just felt like checking it out, RSS has replaced the basic email communications and has allowed for real time updating. No more lists and no more frustration when it comes to updating a large group of people.

All major websites have RSS feeds keeping their long lists of members and associates well updated and most colleges and universities are now using them to keep class information readily available. Smaller websites without the manpower to develop length emails have found that using RSS feeds have created a more reliable information system.

RSS technology is relatively new for the average user. With the sudden surge in popularity, the technology is getting better and better. It won't be long before the use of RSS feeds becomes just as popular if not more popular as email for all internet based businesses and internet based information systems. The new development of newer RSS technology will open up more doors for the internet marketer and linking from one website to another will become easier and more targeted.
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