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Affiliate Marketing Using Articles and Forums and Blog Comment Marketing

Sep 13, 2008
The great things about marketing on the Internet are the various options for so doing. Affiliate marketing in the twenty-first century is a different kind of marketing then it was even a few years ago. Because of advanced technology, you'll reach a broader audience. Reach them faster and easier via the newer channels available on the Web today.

One option available to you is article marketing. Article marketing means writing and distributing informative content to Internet publishers. Your articles may even go to hard-copy newsletter publishers. The key is having your website links in the resource boxes of these articles. Through informative and useful content that establishes you as a knowledgeable resource, you'll receive traffic back to your website.

When you engage in article promotions with a good article distribution service, you are marketing efficiently. That's because for a relatively low fee you are receiving widespread distribution of your content and hence your links. The good article distribution service lets you submit unlimited articles for a set fee. They also offer you an extensive publisher list where they submit your work.

Article marketing performs highly targeted affiliate marketing. Choose a article distribution service that offers a broad category and sub-category range for your content. Write content for a specific niche and let a publisher in that niche get your words out. This way, those readers pre-disposed to your affiliate product, will be linked back to you.

Forum and blog comment marketing is similar to article marketing. Both initiatives mean focusing your messages to particular groups. You would not send an article on organic coffee to an automotive industry publication. With forums and blogs, you are not going to leave a comment about organic coffees on a music blog.

Forum and blog commenting takes time and effort like article marketing. With article marketing, you spend your time coming up with a topic. You then spend a good chunk of time writing about that topic. With forum and blog commenting you must take time to surf forums and blogs. You then have to read various postings and comment intelligently on them.

This is where you perform highly targeted marketing. Seek out forums and blogs relevant to your affiliate product. When you find them, you have a captive market. Fine-tune your message to them appropriately. You do that with your article writing when you send content to niche publishers. Now you do it when commenting on niche forums and blogs.

The difference between article marketing and forum and blog comment marketing is length of content. Your articles are 500 to 750 words. Blog comments are shorter; in the 25 to 200 word range. Anything more than that and you may lose your audience.

Readers who surf forums and blogs like to read a host of comments in one sitting. They do not want one commenter hogging the stage. They are interested in various opinions and like to hear from several people.

Use article marketing, forum and blog comment marketing together. In fact, it's a smart thing to do because you establish yourself as an authority on your topic faster. Make sure your forum and blog comments link to your website, preferably to your article content.

When you leave a comment on a forum or blog, include your affiliate website link. If you have no website, then link to your blog. If you have neither put an affiliate link in that leads to your affiliate parent's site. Include a link to where your article content resides to encourage readers to find more information on a certain topic. Linking from a forum or blog back to your articles where you inform, establishes credibility that leads to affiliate product sales.

Use article marketing, forum and blog comment marketing to further your affiliate business. Use them individually and together. Use them often to get as many links out into cyberspace as possible to lead to where your affiliate products are waiting.
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