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3 Simple Home Business Mistakes

Sep 13, 2008
Running a home business is often frustrating. You can feel like you aren't getting anywhere for months on end. Is it time to give up?

Honestly, that depends on how hard you've tried to work on your current opportunity. Have you really given it a fair shot?

So much of the frustration of running a home business comes from focusing on the wrong things. You don't spend enough time learning. You don't try new marketing techniques. You maybe don't even work hard enough on your business.

Mistake #1: Passion is everything.

Don't get me wrong. Passion for your business is key. But it won't build your business all on it's own.

What kind of people are interested in what you're offering? How are you reaching them? Are the things that make you love your business the same as what makes them love your products?

Be passionate about your business. But not so passionate that you don't use your common sense. There are some things that make a business attractive to customers. If you don't know what that is, find out. You want your customers to be passionate about what they get from you.

Mistake #2: Giving your business too little time.

There's one big problem with all the possibilities for home businesses out there. It's too easy to be attracted to too many opportunities. This is what leads to opportunity hopping and to starting too many businesses for you to handle.

Joining the latest and greatest opportunity out there can sound like a lot of fun. If you know a lot of people are doing the same thing, the energy you get from them can be incredible. It can feel like you're all building toward a great future.

The trouble comes when you do it again and again, never giving yourself the time to really build something good out of a particular opportunity.

The other side of this is when you try to promote too many businesses. While having more than one stream of income is commonly recommended, don't start with that right away. Learn to run one business, and build up some success with that before you overload yourself. You'll be doing yourself and your overall business a huge favor.

Mistake #3: Thinking you already have the answers.

One of the most important things to do when you want your home business to succeed is to find out how others are working their business. You may have some brilliant ideas of your own. Try them. But also find out what others are doing and try similar things.

There's tons of free information out there. There's also plenty that you can buy to save yourself the research time. Take the time to find out who has the skills you wish you had, and if they write about it. If so, read their blog, website, buy their book, whatever.

Don't take just anyone's word for what works. There's a lot of lousy information out there. Many of the people who give free advice or even sell ebooks have little or no more knowledge than you do. Be a little careful of who you trust.
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