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Comparing Article Marketing with Forum/Blog Comment Marketing

Sep 13, 2008
When it comes to marketing your affiliate products it pays to take advantage of the many avenues available to you. It's even better when you combine marketing tactics. Give your business that one-two punch that leads to increased affiliate sales. You do this through article marketing and forum/blog commenting marketing.

Article marketing allows you to provide detailed information to a select audience of your choosing. Forum and blog comment marketing allows you to provide snippets of information to select audiences. The message is the same. Length and depth of message is different. However, each builds traffic to your website if you consistently engage in each activity.

One benefit of article marketing is the time and effort that a good article distribution service saves you. Yes, you do have to spend the time writing articles if you want your exact words out there. However, you can also choose an article writing service that offers custom article writing.

A good service will write excellent content to your specifications and then distribute that content widely. They handle everything from soup to nuts. This allows you to spend time on other affiliate marketing activities.

Forum and blog commenting means you do all the work. While it is a beneficial marketing avenue, it is time-consuming. First, you have to search the web for suitable forums and blogs as applies to your affiliate topic. You then have to read the forum and blog postings. Next, you have to formulate responses to these postings, write them, and post them. You are actively involved, personally, in all aspects of forum and blog posting. Commit to the time-commitment and your efforts will pay off.

Article marketing provides you a myriad of niche publishers at your fingertips. A good article distribution service will offer you an extensive publisher list across broad categories. You can write content focused to a particular niche or sub-niche and find a category that matches. This means your content gets to readers pre-disposed to your topic. You are not performing hit and miss marketing.

You can perform highly targeted marketing with forum and blog posting as well. You can search forum and blog directories and narrow your search. Select those forums and blogs that relate to your affiliate product and become familiar with them.

Study these forums and blogs to learn the focus of each one. You can then leave comments, with your links, on each one, and build a name for your business. The key is to leave comments that are relevant to each specific forum or blog. Don't leave comments that make you look like a square peg in a round hole.

Article submissions to a good article distribution service get you widespread distribution quickly. Forum and blog comment marketing gets you widespread distribution if you do it consistently. The difference is time involvement. It will take you longer to get a slew of links out via forum and blog comment marketing. Article marketing is more efficient affiliate marketing.

Article marketing does mean that your article content will be more generic than your blog and forum comments. You will provide useful information in your articles in a general way. Your link will be in a resource box at the end of your article.

Blog and forum posting allows you to let your personality come through a little more informally. You comment as more in the way of a chit-chat. You then place your affiliate or website link in to where others can find out more about you. It's just a less formal way of marketing.

You can use forum and blog comment marketing to spark interest in your affiliate product. Leave a short comment on a blog or forum with a link to one of your articles. In this way a reader can find more detailed information about a topic related to your affiliate product. You will further build your reputation as someone knowledgeable about a certain topic. The reader can then link to your affiliate site from the article. Just think it all started with a simple blog comment.

Use article marketing so you can establish yourself as a knowledgeable resource. Let those articles, via your links, drive traffic to your website. Use blog and forum comment marketing to establish yourself as an authority on a topic. Let links from your comments drive traffic to your articles, and website as well. When used together article marketing, forum, and blog comment marketing can pay great dividends.
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