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3 Tips For Making Digital Signage More Effective

Sep 13, 2008
A chief concern among businesses which are considering the use of digital signage is that such a network will be ineffective. Indeed, much of what we're witnessing in the industry suggests that many businesses don't understand the potency of the technology nor how to harness it. This is likely due to digital signage being a new and innovative technology. Though many advertisers are experiencing success, standards of usage haven't been firmly established.

For example, newspaper or television advertising follows proven models of successful. The strategies that are deployed in those media are based upon what has proven effective in the past. Digital signage is new and therefore lacks a benchmark approach. That being said, traditional advertising yields helpful clues regarding what works.

Why The Customer Matters

As advertising has evolved, so too has the consumer's receptivity to marketing. No longer is the typical consumer content to be bombarded with a litany of marketing messages. Today, they focus on what is relevant to them and quickly discard - or ignore - the rest. Whether you're deploying a digital signage network in a movie theater, casino, shopping mall, or a small chain of kiosks, the messages you broadcast across the system must address the concerns of the customer in a compelling manner. The experience must be engaging for the customer. Below, you'll find 3 tips for making your digital signage efforts more effective by focusing on the customer.

Tip #1: Encourage Participation

It's easy said than done. But, it is possible to create a broadcast that encourages your audience to interact with your message. This can be as simple as leading them through a tree of choices. Or, you can design a complex series of messages that builds your audience's expectations about your products while allowing them to creatively select their own path through your inventory. There are many ways to encourage participation. You need to identify your customer's concerns and then engage them.

Tip #2: Use The Data

The digital signage networks that are available today can yield valuable data regarding customer choices. This is one of the reasons why encouraging their participation is critical. When customers interact with your displays and proactively make selections, they do so based upon their interests and the effectiveness of your message and presentation. By reviewing customers' choices, you can identify parts of your message that are ineffective. That provides the opportunity to modify or eliminate them.

Tip #3: Make The Experience Personal

Whether the experience that a customer has while interacting with a digital screen will be positive or negative is largely dependent upon how personal that experience is. For example, assume that a customer is looking through an inventory of shoes. Each selection will further identify that customer's concerns. This can provide a framework around which you can tailor your message to address specific concerns based upon gender, age, vocation and other factors. Each selection builds upon the element of personalization. And the more personal your digital signage broadcast is, the more engaged the customer will feel.

Making Digital Signage Effective

Most fundamental principles of marketing address an audience's interests, concerns and passions. Digital signage is no different. To leverage its effectiveness, you need to engage your customers with messages that are compelling to them. By reviewing the data that your network yields, you can create an experience for your customer that feels personal and encourages them to interact.
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