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Security Cameras: Dawdlers' Enemy No. 1

Sep 13, 2008

Employees know better than to dawdle at work. Now that jobs can evaporate any time, workers are morphing into mean work machines, barely taking the time to stretch their legs or look out of the window to catch a view of the traffic or the inviting blue skies beyond the glass panes. While they are busy and you are dawdling, security cameras are working double time to record your moves.

Dawdling is no longer fashionable. When work piles up because of dawdling, there's hell to pay. Unless you are on the prowl for the year's outstanding employee, there is no excuse to dawdle anywhere on the hallowed grounds of the workplace.

If you haven't noticed it yet, the likely candidates for the contest are at their desks, working their butts off. Not that they are really inspired - they want to keep their jobs; the security cameras strewn all over the place must record their energetic bursts of hard work before the next round of job cuts.

Better have an iron-clad excuse for your tarrying if you still want your job. Employers feeling the economic crunch are ready to terminate people when demands for services and products have declined; so why should they keep you on the payroll if you're not working hard enough? Even the best workers are axed in the name of recession, why not you?

Why Dawdlers Hate These Cameras

Employers have not installed a security camera system to spy on their employees but to make sure that the business is safe from intruders and other unwanted guests. That's why it is called a security camera system in the first place, but the deal included keeping an eye on everybody to make sure that productivity levels remain at high levels. Nobody can be misbehaving now.

But if you insist to dawdle at the water cooler or at the corridor where there's a lot of traffic, you might find yourself jobless next week. That's how obnoxious security cameras are. They work silently, intelligently and they have very good memories. They relentlessly record every move you make and won't pause to give you a chance to pick your teeth in private.

The security monitors will gladly show if you have spent 5 or 30 minutes away from your desk; beware, just because you cannot see the security cameras in some office areas you behave like a fool. Hey! The more they are "invisible" the more you should watch your back.

Employers have grown smart with years of dealing with malingerers and dawdlers and the invention of these cameras have honed their skill in smoking out this notorious bunch. But apart from these cameras and suspicious bosses, it is best to behave; a job is hard to come by these days.

The ugly truth is, there is no escape from these cameras, which are here, there, and everywhere. Better stick to your cubicle and keep busy, but stop doodling on that piece of paper, the security cameras can't have enough of you. So plan your day at the office to get organized and stop dawdling.
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