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How To Bring Your Brand To Life Through Exhibition Set Design

Sep 13, 2008
Promoting your business and your product is not always easy, especially in a conference environment where you are surrounded by competitors, all clamouring for space and trying to attract customer's interest. The right set design is integral in these situations. You want it to be eye catching but not garish. You want the stand to instil a sense of intrigue in those walking past so they can't help themselves but delve deeper into your exhibition stand.

If you already have a well developed product or service you are half way there. You will know the identity of your own brand, now you must successfully translate that into a set design. Effective communication is obviously the key and this will rely heavily on the visualisation of your commodity. The old analogy of "a picture says a thousand words" is worth keeping in the forefront of your mind during preparation for these conferences because appearances are immediate and first impressions are integral. If your stand doesn't appeal to anyone the moment they glance at it then you won't get a second chance to lure in that all important consumer.

At this point it is irrelevant how interesting or innovating your brand may be, if you don't have an exhibition design that is instantly impressive then you will lose a lot of custom. Consider what shapes best represent your brand whether it is smooth curves or hard, angular lines. No doubt you will already have an established colour scheme which you should stay true to, but also accentuate. Emphasize vivid colour palettes that grab people's attention. Think how could realising your brand in a 3D environment better promote the product?

Your amalgamation of words and images should bring about a clearly defined message delivered with innovative clarity. Perhaps the message is the most significant cog of this well designed set machine. If you develop an obvious unique selling point or issue that you want to convey about your brand or company then you can design around this. The message can be a very efficient dictator of style and substance and it will be invaluable when deciding on the form and function of your conference stand.

Once you have given these points careful deliberation it is time to call in the professionals. Set designers, interior designers, exhibition stand specialists, call them what you will but they are the teams to bring your dream brand stand to life. These guys offer all sorts of sexy lighting combinations, moving image compilations, complimentary geometric shapes and architecture in combination with popup graphic design that will add depth and motion to your set.
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John McE writes articles on a number of subjects including exhibition stand design and conference sets. For more about stand design see Leading Edge Design.
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