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Basic Features of EOT Cranes and Their Usefulness

Mahi Sheth
Jun 25, 2016
Factories, construction sites and other industrial areas often make use of high tech machinery such as cranes for carrying out a lot of their works and projects. These cranes allow people working in such areas to lift and move large heavyweight objects with ease. Among the various types of cranes that are used in these areas, one of them deserves special mention and that is the EOT cranes. An EOT crane, also known as electric overhead traveling crane, is a type of widely used overhead crane that makes use of an electrically controlled pendant for its operation. These cranes offer a range of advantages which is why they are extensively used in industrial areas.

There are a number of distinct features of EOT cranes for which they are widely preferred. Some of these are discussed below:

* They offer highly consistent and reliable services in at various factories, constructions sites and refineries.

* Different types of heavy loads can be easily carried in simple and effective ways.

* Since these machines come with great potential, they are suited for a wide range of operations.

* The EOT cranes move on two gantry rails that are placed on the gantry girders; they are also supported by columns on the both sides of the bay.

* The cranes can also support various special features like 2 or 3 trolley units that run on the common pair of the bridge girders.

* The cranes also come with bridge girders, end carriages, platforms, trolley assembles and a long travel machinery equipment.

When these cranes are in use, the trolleys and hoisting machinery are also implemented to increase their efficiency. The trolleys move on the rails that are fitted on top of the bridge girders. The best part of using these cranes is that they offer enhanced flexibility to users when it comes to choosing their speed of movement and operation. Some of the models also come with gear boxes that include a three motor drive that facilitates hoist motion.

EOT cranes are some of the most widely used types of cranes in the industrial arenas, therefore an EOT crane manufacturer in India designs and manufactures then in a wide range of models that differ in sizes and capacities. Most industrial clients invest in at least a few units of these cranes so that they can be used in multiple operations at the same time.
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