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A Review of the Kiotis Income Opportunity

Sep 13, 2008
Kiotis is a line of beauty products whose popularity is based on the use of essential oils. Kiotis was launched in France in 2001 and now is sold in the United States, Italy and Mexico.

Kiotis used to have a direct sales income system in place for people to peddle their products out of their homes. It was similar to the idea behind Avon--individual reps were listed in a database and potential customers could go online and find the Kiotis representative nearest them. This is, of course, if they hadn't yet been contacted by a Kiotis representative in her area.

Unfortunately their direct selling program has been discontinued in the United States. There are still some products that are available for United States residents. US residents can order their Kiotis products over the internet or by phone.

United States based Kiotis direct selling reps have been encouraged to work with a company called Zermat. Zermat is similar in that its products are plant based. They are also made with French design formations and have products that have been imported from Israel and products that are comprised of German, Swiss and French ingredients.

Getting started with Zermat seems to be relatively easy, but it is pricey. A start-up kit is one hundred and forty dollars. It comes with a bag that is filled with samples, a business manual, samples and a few other materials to help you get started. If you are willing to shell out one hundred and forty dollars, it might be a good investment.

There is very little information available about how the program works. The only information revealed on the internet is that sales representatives earn fifty percent on all products. But they don't say if that is off of the entire sale price or off of the profit made from the product sale. Are the sales representatives required to buy certain amounts of products? How much does it cost for the representatives to buy the products? Do they get a discount; do they buy the products at wholesale prices? How much are they allowed to mark the products up, in the event that purchasing cases of product is required?

It is risky to enter into an endeavor if answers to these basic questions are not answered. Just make sure that your upline at least knows something about marketing on the internet.

The powers that be at Kiotis picked Zermat as a place for Kiotis Direct Sales representatives to replace their Kiotis income. Unfortunately Kiotis did not give any information to how similar (or dissimilar) the direct sales program was to its own. Kiotis was a multi-level-marketing program, affording sales reps the luxury of hiring more representatives to work for them; it is unclear if Zermat is the same way.

It might just be best for people who are looking to add cosmetics sales to their repertoire of income streams to go with a company that is better known, at least if they are in the United States.
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