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Who Ya Gonna Call? Real Estate Tips

Sep 13, 2008
When following the Chris Allred Simplicity Cycle, one thing becomes very obvious very quickly, you'll need help! One of the primary lessons Chris teaches in his workshop is that you cannot do this alone. Investor's groups are called groups for a reason, and if you are going to be successful, you'll need to know where you can turn to find the help you'll need. How will you afford the homes you intend to buy? Where are you going to find them? Who is going to help you put them back together and sell them? These are the questions that Chris Allred helps you find the answers to.

The biggest source of help most new investors in the Simplicity Cycle find lies in community organizations. Every major city has them, and they all want the same thing; to help the community grow and prosper. People don't get together and rally around organizations that try to destroy homes- they want to see people succeed and neighborhoods thrive. This isn't just a fantastic source for grant information and house locations, it's also a great place to do some networking. Any community center can tell you what needs to be done, they've just been waiting for someone to come along and do it.

Another source of help that many investors turn to is stucdents. Maany of them are out to do something positive with their lives, and while everyone wants to help, these young people not only have the will, but the means to get the job done. Don't be afraid to get help from student organizations or lo0cal schools and colleges. Public, private, it doesn't matter when it comes to the community. Remember; all help is welcome, and another pair of hands is just that., so why not put them to work on something great?

Another source of help can be the local church. Any community minded church will not only provide you with information and leads, but also financial and emotional support, contacts and possibly means for funding. Many churches are known for their outreach efforts. Why not put those outreach efforts to work for you?

Finally, don't be afraid to talk to local government. Remember, they see the long term benefit to what you do. A home sold by them for a dollar today could have a new, tax paying tenant in it tomorrow. Government is about the long term, and if they see that you are too, they'll be much more willing to act on your behalf.

Always remember, you are not alone in your goals. The purpose of flipping homes isn't to be a millionaire, but to realize a profit for everyone involved. Better homes mean less crime and more working families. More families mean a better community, and using the Simplicity Cycle is a great way to foster this ideal. Will you be rolling in cash by the end? Possibly, but more importantly, you'll have a solid foundation, strong contacts and a stronger base, both in finance and experience to build on for the next project.
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