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Types of Goggles

Sep 13, 2008
There are so many different types of customized goggles it will blow your mind. There are corporate safety and personalized swimming products; there are branded water sport and even customized prescription. You can find promotional cold weather items (specifically for cold or winter conditions) and customized laboratory eye protection if you work in a lab and conduct research. These promotional products come with special protection in case chemicals splash on them. They are far better than ordinary glasses for protecting the eyes.

Just how many types of the promotional products exist? There are over a dozen different types of customized items available on the market today. In fact you can probably find a pair of personalized products for just about every sport and pastime possible. You can also find printed or corporate goggles for just about every profession that poses a hazard to the eyes.

Professional Goggles

Most people think of swimming when they hear the term goggles. There are many different types of branded products available however, and these professional items are now part of a range of products that include many subtypes of eye protection you may not have heard of. Here is an example of the many types of professional products that individuals use today.

* Power - these are used by individuals that use power tools, and help protect the eyes from plastic, concrete and other elements that may pierce the eye when power tools tear up pavement and other materials.

* Laboratory - as mentioned previous, these are crafted of special materials that help prevent chemicals from penetrating the eye protective gear and damaging the eyes.

* Welding - this type of eye protection help prevent welders from harming their eyes.

* Astronomy - these unique goggles, also known as meteorology or dark "adaptor" products can also help individuals see better in the dark as their eyes adjust to colour changes.

Sport Goggles

There is another broad category of promotional goggles that includes swimming products. Some other types of products which fall into this category include:

* Basketball - these are helpful for individuals that don't want their eyes inadvertently hit when playing a rough game of basketball.

* Racquetball - these also help shield the eyes especially when a stray ball comes flying by the face. More and more people realize now how important it is to protect the eye from hazards like this when playing aggressive sports.

* Motorcycle - you might actually consider motorcycle riding a sport, and much debris flies in the face of riders on the highway, so goggles are a must when riding. There are many different types of motorcycle eye protection products available for the avid rider.

* Pilots - also known as aviation, these protect a pilot's eyes from the wind in the event they are flying in the types of aircraft that require such protection.

Did you know that some animals require eye protection too? It's true. Consider the racehorse for example... in the heat of the race a horse needs to protect his eyes from the dust flying up from the track. What better way to do this than to wear horse goggles!
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Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Goggles and other Promotional Products at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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