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A Review of the Kirby Income Opportunity

Sep 13, 2008
Everyone knows of Kirby Vacuums. They are well known, not only for their vacuum but the way they are marketed. They have been under a great deal of scrutiny, but their methods have worked. They have been and still are the most durable and popular vacuum on the market for decades.

The Kirby Company has been manufacturing vacuum cleaners and their accessories since 1914. They are based in Cleveland, Ohio and are a subsidiary of the Scott Fetzer Company.

Jim Kirby designed the first Kirby Vacuum right after WWI. In 1907 he developed the first vacuum that pushed dirty air into a cloth bag and filtered out the dirt. After that he continued to improve his designs. In 1925, he introduced the Vacuette Electric, with a removable floor nozzle and handle. This was the beginning of history of the Kirby vacuum we have today. When it finally went on the market, it was an instant success with huge sales.

Kirby vacuums have a great reputation for having the best suction of any vacuums on the market; they are long lasting, very durable and have a price that is higher than any other vacuum on the market. Their most current model uses the "Micron Magic" HEPA filter system.

They are a company that relies on their sales technique of going door to door. This way the customer is able to try and see how the vacuum works first hand. The salesmen go door to door, never knowing what kind of reaction they will get. Most people don't like solicitors and would prefer to have an appointment.

Their sales procedures are considered a bit hard sell and there have been a few allegations put out there that the sales reps are advised to target seniors who have a harder time refusing door to door salesmen. The older generation were raised with the door to door salesmen, such as the Fuller Brush Man, or the shoe salesman, and of course the Kirby having been marketed in this manner since the beginning.

Even with the controversial sales techniques, they are a company that stands behind their product. They are also very expensive, but they will last over the customer's lifetime. I need to mention that there are a few salesmen that have been known to claim a lifetime warranty on the Kirby vacuum. There has never been a lifetime warranty, but there is a 3-year warranty and a lifetime factory rebuild plan. The rebuild plan can be used anytime, but the customer is responsible for sending it to the company to have it rebuilt. This service will include a fee.

The Kirby Company provides a business opportunity for those who don't mind selling door to door. They offer some incentives to help their distributors, which are mainly young men that are still going to college. They do not require any investment to become a distributor and there is free sales training. With your sales, you are able to earn cash, trips and even cars.

To be a sales rep in this business you have to be pretty tough and be able to take quite a bit of rejection. You will be spending at least an hour to 2 hours doing your presentation and may not make the sale. But if you don't, you usually are able to leave with some referrals for future contact.

Your sales commission will be based upon the profit margin between your cost and the price you are selling it for. A family member sold Kirby vacuums and ended up owing the Kirby Company because he was not able to sell them unless he sold them below his cost. Not a profitable business for him in the least, but it could be very profitable for some, especially the young and ambitious.
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