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A Review of the Kyani Income Opportunity

Sep 13, 2008
Kyani is a company that promotes the Miracle of Alaska... they have two products. One product is based on Alaskan wild blueberries, mixed with other berries. The other product is a concentrated source of Omega-3 fatty acids from Alaskan salmon oil and annatto seeds. The target audience are health-conscious people who are looking for a nutritional answer to their health problems.

The company offers a multi-level-marketing opportunity that promises quick profits. They use what they call a 3 x 7 Forced Matrix plan for their distributors. With this plan, a new distributor only needs to get three people in his first line, while having the opportunity of sponsoring unlimited personal distributors anywhere in their matrix. They also offer many bonus and commission structures. When those in your downline become leaders themselves, you receive a matching commission check every time they get one.

They hold many trainings both in person and online to help new distributors. For those who are making up their minds whether to join this opportunity or not, they have several videos online at their website that explains the opportunity and what it can do for the distributor. They also have an "Opportunity Calls" 3 minute phone presentation available. The website gives the toll-free number to call for this presentation. Corporate Opportunity Meetings are available around the country on a scheduled basis. Weekly Distributor Opportunity Meetings are available at many locations around the country. Check the website to see if there is one near you.

Kyani holds a national convention every year, and smaller conventions around the country on a quarterly basis. If the website is a good representation of how the company treats its distributors, it looks like they do all they can to keep in touch with their downlines and encourage them along the way. Incentive programs include the chance to earn a Cadillac Escalade.

Testimonials are posted on the Kyani website by both customers who use the products and by distributors commenting on the system. Some seem too good to be true, but then, unless you try the product yourself, you can't really say they're not true. People considering Kyani will have to make that decision for themselves.

People visiting the company site have the opportunity to sign up for a distributorship or as a customer. Customers who sign up on the website have the chance to get special discounts on the products.

Kyani is led by Michael Breshears, an experienced CEO who has worked for many retail and sales companies, and has ample experience in network marketing companies. He brings his expertise to the table, along with co-founder Dick Powell, who developed the products and devised the marketing plan to get these products to as many people as possible.

If after all you've learned on the website you decide to sign up, you can do this online. The company provides you with your very own Kyani website. You can choose a Starter Kit for $95 that allows you to sell products retail, but does not allow you to create a downline. If you want to do the entire opportunity, you need to order a kit for $495 that gives you a day planner, several samples of the products and several Kyani opportunity DVDs.
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