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A Review of the Lady Jayne Ltd. Income Opportunity

Sep 13, 2008
Lady Jayne Ltd. is a great internet story for any person trying to make money at a home based business to learn about. A story of how a young girl being allergic to the nickel that was in jewelry, decided to make "nickel-free" jewelry with the help of her mother. As the years passed and the business grew, her mother became ill and eventually passed on.

In honor of her mother, the former singer and entertainer decided to name the company after her mother, eventually becoming Lady Jayne Ltd. What started in New York is now worldwide according to the website, and this is a great example of "don't judge a book by its cover" in regards to their homepage. While a "plain jane" front, we had to look at the jewelry and find out what you as a potential seller or customer would be purchasing.

While we'll let you do the research on whether or not it's the kind of jewelry for you, we thought it looked like the same stuff you would purchase in the mall. Then we remembered that the person, in fact, used to sell these in a little kiosk located in the mall until the overwhelming need for home parties became evident. The question still remains, "How do you make money with Lady Jayne Ltd." and what is the start up cost.

Great questions, of course, because that's why we are here, and for $495 you can own your own online store worth of products that the website states retails at over $1,500. It is called the "Wholesale Kit" and earning a 60% commission is excellent, considering you can make a grand off each $495 that you spend. On top of the regular cost, they have additional add-on trays that start at $159, but they are more if you need a certain theme like musical or sports jewelry. In case you are wondering, Lady Jayne Ltd. offers pretty much double in retail prices for the add-ons.

Something we instantly felt more comfortable about that you as a consumer would, is the guarantee Lady Jayne Ltd. offers. They have a lifetime replacement guarantee that if anything ever goes wrong with your hoops or charms, the company will replace them free of charge. That can only speak volumes of the company as a whole and we are actually happy we found it to share with you.

One thing to know about Lady Jayne Ltd. if you live outside the United States is that you must call them if you have an order. They have a policy that online orders will only be prepared for those living in the U.S. so even if you are from Canada, be sure to give them a call. You can also request a home party from their website, which if you sell the jewelry as a wholesaler there are a few perks for home parties you may enjoy.

Based on your home party orders, you can receive what Lady Jayne Ltd. calls "free jewelry credit" based on how much you sell. You can look at the totals for yourself, but the lowest is $0-$100 you receive a 20% free jewelry credit. With a great concept and a great story, it's well worth at least reading what they have to say.
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