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How To Save Money With Disposable Coveralls Without Jeopardizing Safety

Christine O'Kelly
Sep 13, 2008
Just because something is more expensive doesn't mean it is better. The same is true when it comes to disposable coveralls. With styles such as disposable Tyvek coveralls that are made of all the same material, they might even be safer. This type of safety wear is not only safer to use, but you get away from paying out the high prices of traditional styles. You can also do many things to further increase your cash savings and get the most wear out of each pair.

Only Pay For What You Need

One of the biggest things to look at when choosing protective clothing is to find one that will keep you safe without paying for additional safety precautions and options you don't need. These extra options are unnecessary in some cases and you end up wasting money. For example, if you are working in a dirty environment or in a food plant, disposable Tyvek coveralls give you the protection you need. For the energy sector, you should consider flame retardant varieties. For any type of safety clothing, fit is also important. If it is too big, you risk catching it in equipment. If it is too small, you run the risk of pulling apart the seams.

Consider Additional Options

Decide which options you need in the workplace, which ones are unnecessary, and determine if it is best to get all of the options in one piece or if it is best to purchase them separately. Do you need to have hoods, elastic cuffs, and boot covers for safety or do they simply get in the way? If possible, it is most cost-effective to order only the options you need and skip the rest.

Sometimes the options are best if they are ordered separately. For walking on gravel, for example, the boot covers won't last as long as the disposable coveralls. Therefore, you might find it cheaper and safer to order them separately so you can replace them as you need to. On an even, cement floor this probably won't be an issue.

Varieties such as disposable Tyvek coveralls will also give you added safety that is not possible with other kinds. Because it is made of one substance all the way through rather than just coated in a protective layer, you are still safe even when the outside becomes damaged or rubbed off. This gives you more wear out of each pair and you don't have to be as careful with your clothing.

Things To Consider When Purchasing

Disposable coveralls become even more cost-effective when you buy more of them at once. This makes them cheaper per pair, but the shipping and handling costs also decrease because the flat fee covers more items at once. It is also wise to watch for things such as price guarantees and sales to help save on the cost as well. Another cost saving option to consider is recycled products. These items are environmentally friendly, cheaper, and just as safe as the original versions.

Just because you want to save money doesn't mean it has to cost you your health or safety. Disposable coveralls such as disposable Tyvek coveralls give you the options you need and a quality material while still leaving extra dollars in your pocketbook. All you need to do is buy wisely and consider your options in order to see the financial benefits of these items.
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Christine O'Kelly writes for MPE Safety Apparel, a provider of protective clothing and disposable coveralls such as disposable Tyvek coveralls since 1987.
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