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A Review of the Liberty League Income Opportunity

Sep 13, 2008
Network marketing is a forever growing business opportunity that millions join every day. Liberty League is one of these growing companies that offer sales and marketing of their products.

Liberty League products are focused around personal growth and development. They have a product called Beyond Freedom. This is a 90-day multimedia personal development program. This is a program meant to change your mindset and your habits. This is meant to help people to accomplish their goals and more. A distributor sells these products through direct sales. Their products are excellent, and have helped train many people to have a better life and business.

These products claim to help to build self-confidence and love for life. It is meant to take you inside yourself, to see who you really are and what your potential powers are and how to access them. The product is meant to help you see your day in a new way, to be able to lose weight if that is what you want to do. This product is meant to replace a psychiatrist, as you already know inside what your needs and problems are. They claim that you are keeping yourself from success and this will enable you with that power. This is to help you release your fears and worries, things that are holding you back from the life you deserve and are meant to have.

To join this business, the start up cost is $1495. This is giving you the opportunity to sell and the sales materials. This marketing plan is similar to many that are around, and this plan is called the "Aussie-2 Up", or Australian 2-Up. This plans works the same way no matter what the business is called or what product they are marketing.

There is a bonus, or payout, of $1000 for every sale that is made when you have become a "qualified affiliate". Now the reason this is called a 2-Up is because of the way you get paid. You will first pay your $1495 to become a Liberty League business associate. When you make your first signup, or sale, you get a $1000 payout, but that must be given to your sponsor, the person that signed you up. Now that you have one sale under your belt, you still have to make another. Once that sale is made and you get yet another $1000. Well, again, that has to go to your sponsor. You have now paid your fee of $1495 to sign up, and $2000 to your sponsor, a total of almost $3500 and you still have not made any money.

There are conferences that will also be required to attend. These conferences may end up costing you $6000 to $12,000 each. They will advise you that these are a great tax deduction as you are in business for yourself and will want to have every deduction possible.

The products are positive and obviously work by all the testimonies that have been given. It has seemed to change the outlook of many people's lives. As far as the business plan, there are some questions. This is a difficult plan to work when you have to give up your first two bonuses, then once you are "qualified"; you have to tell your new recruits that you will be taking their bonuses as well. Also, after you have paid your sponsor $2,000, they are no longer connected to you. You will be on your own.

Do your research in several companies before you make your choice. Read the fine print; learn what the marketing plan is all about. Decide if this is something you can really commit to. I wish you a great success in finding your dreams. Just make your business a part of that dream.
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