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Practical Uses of Standoff Systems

Sep 13, 2008
Interior designing has never been so innovative, yet demanding. These days, there are just too many interior designs that are captivating the imagination and fancy of different types of home owners. Standoff systems are among the most commonly used and employed types of materials that are used in designing.

What are standoff systems? You probably have gone to a museum, a corporate center, a department store or any place showcasing pictures and paintings. Have you noticed that some displays are covered with glass panels that appear to be somehow lifted or floating from the mount? Those are what are labeled in the designing industry as standoff systems. They hold panels out or above many types of surfaces.

In general, standoff systems are used as panel connectors or space makers. That is why it is logical that the standoff systems are usually precision machined from different solid grades of aircraft aluminum. They are made in different lengths, diameters and styles. Standoff systems are usually finished with six-dip processes, molecularly bonding to the surface of where the objects are mounted. Thus, be assured that standoff systems are very ideal and appropriate to be used in many outdoor and indoor applications.

Interior designing

As mentioned, standoff systems are widely used in contemporary interior designs. Many homes and corporate offices are installed with different standoff system materials and objects to boost the interior design, theme and style. Usually, such arrangements and styles are used widely in rooms and spaces that are taking the contemporary and modern design approach.

Aside from homes and offices, you can also see standoff systems at museums and public areas where documents, pictures and paintings are displayed. The idea is that glass mounted stand offs generally provide greater interest and design. Objects are also more highlighted and the attention of viewers caught more easily. The overall appearance also provides a sense of modernity, sophistication and contemporariness.

Marketing and advertising

Perhaps, other than in interior decorating, standoff systems are most useful in advertising and marketing. As mentioned, standoff materials really 'stand off' when they are made to appear different and interesting. The mounted and lifted effect created by standoff systems make displaying of products, pictures, paintings and posters more ideal and attractive.

In marketing and advertising, of course, there is a need to stand out. There is a need to be interesting and appealing so that prospective clients and customers will get to take a glimpse and look at the ads and materials. This way, they could also get to know that the materials are telling people. The communication process is enhanced as the messages intended to be conveyed are effectively sent across the audiences.

Where to find them

Thus, you should not be surprised to find marketing brochures and advertisements mounted in effective and attractive standoff systems. In general, such attractive ads are not restricted to indoor uses. Many outdoor ads, pictures and even billboards are now employing the use of standoff systems in displaying. Combined with a good lighting quality and mechanism plus a strategic location, any marketing ad using standoff systems will surely be unbeatable and truly exemplary.

Across the market, many shops and designing centers are selling and facilitating standoff systems uses. Run across the Internet and find mire than enough Websites that highlight and offer different standoff systems products. Just be prepared for the costs because naturally, it pays to take aesthetic appeal and beauty. Investments are worth taking if the result will be most ideal.
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