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Where the Money is Online...And One Secret That Can Make You Millions...

Sep 13, 2008
So, where is the money online?

That my friends, is an age-old question.

But I have an answer...you might not like it if you sell "make money online" products to internet marketers. But first, I am going to pose a question about those that claim to be online marketers, but who keep buying ebook after ebook (or course after course, whatever it is) about making money online...

Are you really an internet marketer, if you keep trying to find the "secrets" of making money online?

I mean it, answer that question for yourself. This is today's "look in the mirror." But, really put some thought into that...here's why:

The exact definition of the word marketer is " One that sells goods or services in or to a market, especially one that markets a specified commodity."

Now, if you read the definition above, do you see any word or implication at all of "one that buys any collection of incestuous recycled marketing tactics from other marketers" in that definition?

Educating yourself is important, and I do firmly believe in it, so with that in mind I have another question for you to think about today...

Shouldn't your eduction center around a firm understanding of marketing, copywriting, and learning how to properly operate and grow a business?

Those "My System Will Show You How To Make $34,237 In 60 Days" courses are not going to help you in any of those three areas...period. Also, there is no secret to making money online, you simply have to have a firm understanding of marketing, copywriting, and how to operate and grow a business in order to start.

If you got into internet marketing thinking it is a "make a ton of money fast" opportunity...save your money and time, and stop now. It isn't. There are ways to make money using the internet that are fairly fast, a la Ebay, Google Adsense, promotion of Clickbank products etc...but those are short lived...and guess what?

Everyone else is doing it too!

With Ebay, you can sell your old stuff...but what happens when you run out of old stuff? Go to garage sales? Pick up other's junk and sell it on Ebay? Possibly, but that all works better with a solid plan and the determination and drive to actually build a business doing it.

Take it from someone (me) who has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on business opportunities and systems online. There are no shortcuts.

Ok, enough of your look in the mirror, it's time to answer the two questions:

1) Where is the money online?

If you have ever seen the movie "City Slickers", Jack Palance keeps mentioning "one thing, just one thing"...as the secret to life. Well, the same applies to "where the money is"...

"It's in one place, just one place...", and just like Jack said in City Slickers, "it's something different for everybody, you have to figure it out for yourself."

In other words, you have to find a market that needs what you are enthusiastically going to deliver in your internet business.

This is key, and it is different for everyone. I can tell you that the baseball card niche can be very profitable, because I am passionate about it...but that doesn't mean that you will have the interest, experience, passion, and knowledge to build a business within that same niche.

You have to find out for yourself which niche you are passionate about that has a hungry market to serve...and where money is being spent.

On to question number 2...

2) What is one secret to internet marketing that can make you millions?

While individual secrets alone will not make you millions...this one will certainly give you a head start.

Many people view "Internet Marketing" as a business in and of itself. It isn't, and that mentality will cost you thousands of dollars.

Here is the secret:

The internet is only a delivery device. It is the media form through which you deliver a product, produce your marketing messages, write and deliver articles, etc...

The internet is not your business itself. You can combine the internet with offline direct mail, newspaper classified advertising, yellow page ads (in some niches), and other forms of media to build your entire business around.

Who says you cannot sell an ebook offline? There are no rules that you have to follow. Free your mind...and quit limiting yourself.

You might be saying to yourself, "Dagnabbit Joe, I have heard this all before...these aren't secrets."

Well, are you practicing them right now? Come on, be honest with yourself. Does your business truly know no boundaries? Are you building and marketing your business, or wasting your money looking for the "next big secret"?

There is a reason 90% of all small businesses fail within 5 years...perhaps a solid understanding of business and marketing before actually starting a business is a contributing factor? :)

Take it from someone who tends to learn things "the hard way" (me), you need to really sit down and self-analyze, and decide if you are in this for the money...or in it to win it.
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