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Bring A Trade Show Display And Marketing Plan Up To Date To Maximize Profits

Christine O'Kelly
Sep 13, 2008
Trade show displays and marketing plans need to keep up with a society that is constantly changing in order to get attention and maximize profits. When a company fails to keep up, they fall behind because their trade show booth appears boring and it doesn't create an excitement around their products and services. This means that everything needs to be right from the first moment - there is no room for mistakes. Staying with the same marketing strategy year after year does save money and it is easier, but your business will be unable to achieve the expansion it needs to increase profits.

Know The Difference Between Branding And Marketing

There is a fine but important line between emphasizing your company's brand and falling into the same marketing routine. Company branding is anything customers associate directly with your business such as a logo, color, or feel. These items should almost never be tampered with unless you are redesigning a corporate image. Look for things in your trade show display that you can change to introduce ideas and concepts to the public such as a new tag line or catch phrase. It is these types of things that need to reflect your new marketing plan and your company while 'speaking' to new and existing customers - think 'a new way to introduce the brand.'

Where To Look For Inspiration

Redesigning trade show displays isn't always the easiest thing. If you are having difficulty coming up with new ideas, look at some of the biggest companies in advertising. Examine how they keep their campaigns fresh and exciting and how they combine their concepts with their brand. Consider the way they incorporate music and colors into all of their advertising. Keep in mind that you don't want to copy their idea, but you want to learn from their market research and expertise.

If you need more inspiration, look at failed marketing plans. Why did they fail? If you simply have no idea where your trade show booth is falling short, get someone from outside the company and even the industry to look at it. What do they think and what kinds of messages do they get from the booth's current message.

Changes Don't Have To Be Big

Sometimes, the biggest reactions are born from the smallest changes when it comes to trade show displays. This might be a change in uniform color or styles. It sounds pretty basic, but it can completely change the look and feel of your trade show booth. To emphasize a theme or attract a different kind of customer, consider using a different style of music or even a light scent. You can even have the information you present rewritten or change your trade show graphics.

The staff you have working in trade show displays can also make a significant difference. If they have done a number of trade show exhibits for you, maybe it's time to mix things up a bit. You could use an entirely new team, or include a fresh face to the group. The new people you include will have a fresh outlook on the presentation and become a new source of energy.

It doesn't matter whether you sell jewelry in Wisconsin or financial services in Chicago, trade show displays and marketing concepts need to keep up with the ideologies of modern society. This keeps the hype about your company up and maximizes the leads and profits well into the future. So long as these changes accurately reflect your company and the brand remains intact, you can enjoy the benefits of successful trade show exhibition.
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Christine O'Kelly writes for Ion Exhibits, a provider of Chicago trade show displays with more than 15 years experience. Besides designing trade show displays in Chicago, they also specialize in the restoration, set up, and storage of trade show marketing displays.
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