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What A PPC Management Service Can Do For You

Sep 13, 2008
Until recently, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising was simple. Only a small number of companies even used pay-per-click and getting maximum exposure for your advertisements was as easy as bidding higher than your competition. Today, pay-per-click is a totally different ball game. Every market has stiff competition, even small niche markets. The top pay-per-click companies, including Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Google Adwords, now make use of strict quality scores. With all of the changes in the pay-per-click marketplace, many website owners have chosen to hire a knowledgeable and experienced PPC management service to effectively handle their campaigns. The following paragraphs detail what this type of service can do for your business.

Choosing The Most Profitable Keywords

Choosing keywords is the most important part of a profitable pay-per-click campaign. The right keywords will attract targeted customers. Failing to choose the right keywords can bring about disaster in the form of high-priced clicks that result in hardly any sales. Good keyword research, including searching for both short and long tail keywords, will target the precise people who will not only click on your advertisement, but will also be more likely to purchase. A PPC management company has the knowledge and experience to identify the most profitable keywords for your campaign that will keep advertising costs down and profits high.

Organizing Your PPC Campaign

It just doesn't work to throw a long list of hundreds or thousands of keywords into one ad group anymore. Today, pay-per-click campaigns need structure and organization in an intuitive way. Each pay-per-click campaign needs to target a divided up section of a larger market with each ad group dividing further into sections. Many website owners do not have the patience, ability, or knowledge to structure their pay-per-click campaigns this way. A PPC management service works diligently with clients to both identify large markets and small niche market sections before organizing them into intuitive campaigns.

Construct Persuasive Ads

A thorough understanding of the psychology of advertising is necessary to design constructive, compelling, and persuasive ads. Pay-per-click ads need to both attract the attention of potential customers and compel them to click on the ad. Many business owners are not experienced enough to create well designed ads. A knowledgeable PPC management service can write compelling ads that grab the attention of potential customers and makes them quickly click to visit your website.

Designing Landing Pages

Designing landing pages that turn visitors into customers is half science and half art. Essential components include strong headlines, attention grabbing graphics, and copywriting presenting the benefits and problem solving abilities of your product or service. A PPC management service can design landing pages specifically targeted to your potential customers that work alongside your PPC platforms and quality score.

Tracking And Adjustments

Every factor requires the abilities of an analyst, as even one problem can affect all factors of your campaign together. For instance, a well-crafted pay-per-click ad that contains the wrong keywords can spell disaster or a well-structured campaign with the right keywords can fail to bring about sales if the landing page is poorly designed.

A PPC management service will track each factor for effectiveness, bidding amounts, click-through rates, and landing page success at converting visitors into customers. Many website owners opt to hire a PPC management service to outsource these tasks to an expert with the knowledge and tools to track and adjust pay-per-click campaigns to suit the changes in market conditions.

How A PPC Management Service Can Help

Pay-per-click advertising will only continue to become even more competitive, increasing the need for successful campaign management and analysis. For website owners lacking the patience, skills, and time required to keep up, a PPC management company is priceless.
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Aaron Wittersheim is an author for Whoast, a leading PPC management company. Whoast's professional PPC management service can work to make your website a success.
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