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8 Franchise Business Opportunities to Help People Lose Weight

Sep 14, 2008
In recent years, America has become increasingly aware of what is now one of our biggest national health risks: obesity. There are no two ways around the fact that, as a country, we're fat. Some reports claim that as much as one-third of adults in the United States are not just plump, but obese (meaning roughly 50lbs or more overweight). Perhaps it's a problem that has been a part of our society for some time, but the sudden awareness of it and all the health problems associated with it has brought along an interesting response: a sharp increase in diet and fitness businesses. Everywhere you look, another fitness establishment is cropping up, trying to help America slim down, but it's more than a noble cause; the diet and fitness industry is one of the biggest in the industries in the country.

For those entrepreneurs whose interest is health, ranging from operations specializing in fitness, to those that take a more holistic, diet-and-exercise approach. But if starting from scratch seems less than appealing, here are some great weight loss franchises that can get you off on the right foot with your business.

Fitness Options

There are few things as revitalizing as a good workout, and for those who really need to shed some pounds, sometimes all that's really needed is consistent fitness training. For the business buyer who just wants to help people slim down, tone up, and bulk out, there are a number of business opportunities to do just that.

One of the best is KoKo Fit Club, a health and fitness franchise that specializes in quick and effective workouts for their clients. Every time clients come through the doors of a KoKo Fit Club franchise, they are given a customized, computer generated workout specific to their body and goals, and each workout only takes 30 minutes. Not only is weight lost, but time is saved, making for very happy customers.

Sometimes, though, fitness specialization doesn't just mean targeting individual workouts to individual clients, but understanding an entire demographic of clients and suiting workouts to fit the whole population. LA Boxing is a great franchise business for the client who wants a hard workout that is also fun and engaging, not just using repetitive, isolated movements, this business puts the spirit of a fighter into anyone who wants to step up to the mat, move like a butterfly, and sting like a bee. It's a recognizable name that is quickly gaining ground in an increasingly trendy fitness world.

For those who aren't into hip-and-trendy, or perhaps a bit little older, there is another franchise that specializes in addressing the fitness and weight-loss needs of older clients. Nifty After Fifty is the franchise for anyone who genuinely wants to help older clients shed some weight, regain some energy and flexibility, and generally maximize their approaching golden years. Aside from being good for the 50-plus demographic, it's also a good business idea. Considering that the baby-boomers are quickly on their way to the retirement years, the number of potential clients for this franchise is about to skyrocket. Whichever way you go in the fitness industry, though, there is going to be massive room for growth, because its popularity is not dwindling.

The Business of Nutrition

All the exercise in the world will never completely overcome a poor diet. If fitness isn't your business of choice, perhaps you're better suited for a nutrition franchise.

There are two helpful alternatives available for startup in this field, BalanceD and Physicians Weight Loss Centers, and they take two different approaches to the same business. BalanceD has a whole host of angles from which they help people shrink their waistlines by changing their diets. Currently, their most widespread franchise option is a home based business, running an online portal that offers a wide span of dietary aids and weight-loss services to clients, but a willing franchisee can also purchase the franchise package to start a store that makes everything on the website available to the public immediately. Physicians Weight Loss Centers is another option for the entrepreneur who isn't afraid of taking the next step and providing clients with the direct care of medical professionals. You don't need any previous medical experience to go this route; you just need to be as concerned with the success of your clients as you are with your own business success.

Diet and Exercise

While fitness is a great way to slender down and increase natural energy, and making nutritional changes is wildly helpful to the overweight American, most health professionals agree that the best weight-loss solution is a combination of both. Taking this wisdom to heart, there are three franchises that do both.

Precision Fitness looks like any other fitness franchise, at first glance, but it combines many of the fitness programs in high demand by the health-conscious consumer with diet plans designed to promote weight loss and healthy living. You don't need any experience to run this franchise, because everything you need for success can be taught to get you up and running, providing both customized workouts and diet plans to your customers. It's the best of both worlds.

Elements Diet and Fitness and INCHES-A-WEIGH are two other options in the joint fitness/nutrition market, but interestingly, they are examples of another recent trend in the health industry: businesses targeted at women. Yes, these two are strictly women's franchises; no men allowed. Each provides a salon atmosphere in which the client receives personal attention in the form of exercise and diet plans built for them. If that doesn't sound much different than the other businesses we've talked about, the factor that really sets these apart is the relational aspect that the women who own and operate these franchises bring to the table. Much of a client's success depends on the personal touch that is brought by another woman knowing not just her numbers and goals, but her name, and paying attention to her as a person. If that sounds appealing, and you're a woman looking for a fun and healthy franchise, don't pass up one of these exceptional business opportunities.

Unlike many businesses, fitness and weight-loss is not just a matter of selling a product and making money. Because weight is so closely connected to the way a person sees himself and his world, running a successful health franchise is about helping your clients live the healthiest and happiest life possible. If you have the heart to help America solve one of its biggest health problems to date, these franchisors can easily teach you the rest.
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