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Social Media Does Not Recognize Sidelines So Get in and Play the Game

Sep 14, 2008
I came across a video the other day that showed an animated twenty-something male sitting at his laptop and closing it up in disgust. Suddenly an icon that looked amazing like one of the social media company's logo walks into the room and with a cartoon face begins inquiring why the main character left the social media site.

The man explains that he is tired of the site and needs to move on with his life. Suddenly the icon of another famous social media site arrives and then three more drop by. They all begin bullying the man to come back to cyberspace and play.

Finally the animated man says that he needs to get a life and move on. Although every cartoon icon begs him to come back the brave man walks outside and begins walking downtown. He sits at a pleasant sidewalk café, but no one will talk to him. This cartoon man tries virtually everything possible to enjoy life.

Suddenly he looks around to find no one paying any attention to him and says, "This is lame." He then proceeds to walk home and open up his laptop as the video ends.

For many online users there may be more truth to this video than they want to admit. Some of the most engaging conversation many will encounter during a day will be online through social media.

I intentionally left out any specific social media page names because there are simply too many of them to list. Each social media page focuses on something specific and then provides some more generalized offerings.

It may be a sad commentary that for some individuals the online world may be preferred to real life, but this is often the truth.

This is why marketing to this genre is important. You see these individuals are extremely motivated to be online and engage others in the same way. These are not sideline players. These are the first string online users who eat, drink, breathe and sleep Internet.

When you market to social media you are not simply embracing a casual online user. These are hardcore users who often understand special coding issues for their social media page. They know how to add widgets and other interactive devices to their personal social media world. They have made the term geek cool.

This truth may be why Google has been so interested in developing advertising accessibility within social media sites. Their PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising can result in profits for virtually everyone involved.

Social media is a format that has found a future in spare parts. So many associate programs are being used to develop interactive content, personalized page design and secure music distribution. Because social media has left the door open we will likely see more and more mix and match options to drive future potential in social media.

Whether you are looking to develop a direct or indirect marketing campaign via social media it is a format that lends itself to reaching out.

So, ummmm, reach out already.
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