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Money Making and the Family Guy

Sep 14, 2008
This article is for the guys and perhaps those who want to understand them a little better. Within almost every guy is a natural inclination to provide for his family. There are exceptions of course, but for the most part the guy still has the desire to provide well for his family. This typical 'Guy' will assume the pressures of the monthly bills and the pressures of keeping his family healthy and safe.

As 'Guy' ages he begins to think of retirement and or college education for his children. He does what he can, but most often never really feels as if he's done enough. The pressure mounts.

His family will generally tell you that he is a great provider, but 'Guy' doesn't really believe this to be true. He will typically believe that if he were a great provider he would be able to meet the future needs of his family as well as the current ones. From his vantage point he may consider himself a failure.

Sometimes without realizing it he shifts into overdrive and takes on longer hours to compensate.

It's at this juncture that many families become concerned about 'Guy' because they automatically assume he doesn't want to be around the family and that accounts for the overtime and lack of physical presence within the family.

In many cases 'Guy' does not view what he is doing as abandonment he is simply trying his best to shoulder his own perception of the financial pressures he encounters.

This is one of the reasons I like to talk about moneymaking ideas from the perceptive of a family affair. 'Guy" is motivated to meet present and future financial commitments and is often the stabilizing force in financial ideas that involve the entire family.

A family run moneymaking idea can allow the man to do something meaningful to contribute to the family needs while giving his family the opportunity to be engaged with their 'Guy'.

Increasingly women are feeling a similar pressure especially if they are single parents. However, what needs to be known is that the primary motivator for overworking has to do with the inborn desire to make life better for others.

'Guy' will typically consider himself a successful parent and husband if he can just bring in a little more cash while the wife may not harbor those same feelings. She may consider 'Guy' to be successful if he's around to play with the kids or eat a meal with the family.

I think if husbands and wives understood what motivates the other to do the things they do they would find more common ground. The role of a family money making idea can be instrumental in allowing the man to become an improved provider while allowing the wife to feel that her 'Guy' is engaged in family life a bit more.

I'm certain it is an overstatement, but I believe a lot of family strife could be avoided if a husband and wife were to move forward with a wealth enhancement idea together with a better understanding of why each responds the way they do.
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