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9 Common Flowers For Occassions

Sep 14, 2008
In Toronto, and all over the world, flowers have a universal appeal for most gift-giving occasions. Their natural beauty and freshness represent all the splendor of life. Traditionally, specific flowers hold special significance - thus making them appropriate for specific occasions. Below is a guide of some historic meanings of flowers and some ideas of what types of occasions these flowers are appropriate for.

Alstroemeria = Aspiring

This gorgeous flower can range from a bright orangey goldenrod color to a soft white with pink accents. Its historic association with aspiration makes it a perfect flower to include in arrangements to celebrate the following types of occasions:

- High School or College Graduation
- A new job or promotion
- Any type of personal achievement

Apple Blossom = Promise

The pretty and fragrant pinkish-white blossoms of the apple tree are a perfect complement to an arrangement given when a promise is being made. Give apple blossoms for the following occasions:

- Formalizing a new relationship
- Making up after an argument or fight
- Making a commitment to someone or something

Baby's Breath = Festivity

Baby's Breath is commonly used in all types of floral arrangements and is considered by florists (in Toronto and all over the world) to be a staple of almost any bouquet. But did you know that historically, Baby's Breath signifies Festivity? Make sure that Baby's Breath is included in any floral arrangement you give to celebrate any type of festive occasion, including but not limited to:

- Anniversaries
- Birthdays
- Graduations
- Mothers/Fathers Day
- Congratulations

Black-Eyed Susan = Encouragement

The traditional significance of the Black-Eyed Susan is Encouragement. This meaning makes it the perfect type of flower to give when you want to say "I support you," or "I'm thinking of you." The Black-Eyed Susan, is a great flower for the following types of occasions:

- When there is a death in the family
- When someone has lost their job
-When someone is going through rough times

*The poppy, which is rather cheerful-looking with its bright blossoms stands for Consolation and also makes a great flower for these situations.

Daffodil = Chivalry

This golden spring perennial traditionally holds the meaning of Chivalry or Unrequited Love. This is the perfect flower for a gentleman to send to a lady that he admires. In the chivalrous sense, the daffodil is a lovely flower for a brother or cousin to give to a female relative to say "I'm there for you."

Lilac = First Love

With the sweet meaning and even sweeter scent, the lilac is the perfect flower for a young man to give to his very first sweetheart.

Stephanotis = Good Luck

Though the Stephanotis is most widely used in wedding bouquets and bridal arrangements, its traditional meaning of Good Luck makes it a great flower to give at a time when someone is facing a big life change. Certainly a new marriage qualifies to be included in this category, but here are other occasions where the Stephanotis may be appropriate:

- When someone is leaving a job for a new opportunity
- When someone is moving away
- When someone is starting something new

Yarrow = Good Health

The Yarrow's historical relation to Good Health makes it a very appropriate flower to give someone who has been injured or is ill. Send this flower to a friend that is in the hospital to say "Get well soon."

Zinnia = Thoughts of Friends

The Zinnia is a great flower to give friends on all sorts of occasions. The flower symbolizes Thoughts of Friends, so it's a perfect choice to send to a friend whom you miss or you haven't seen in a while. It's also a great flower to send to a friend who needs some cheering up.

A Final Thought - Personal Meanings

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules about what meanings flowers really have. You may have a type of flower that has its own special significance to you for your own reasons. Choose flowers based on what you like, who you are giving them to, and what types of feeling the flowers evoke in you - trust your instincts and taste.
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