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Grooming Shears Are Cheap Beauty Products That Could Spell the Difference Between Proper Care and Nightmare

Sep 14, 2008
Just as the type of hair cut differs between genders and varies in terms of culture, knowing the proper tool to use for a particular purpose is also essential. According to Jennie Gandhi:
The most important component of cutting is the tool. Various tools like scissors, shears and razors are used for cutting. Each tool results a specific type of cut. A stunning hairstyle can change the look of the individual. It's not only the tool that changes the look but also a trained mind and a perfect hand.

Grooming shears in particular are used or sold in salon supplies store specifically for the purpose of enabling one to maintain a certain look or hairstyle. More often found in the men's beauty supply section, it comes in a variety of styles, makes, and even colors. This might be very well due to the fact that the male species are now more concerned of how their hair is being cut as suggested by Gandhi.

From time immemorial women have been into hairstyling and cutting but today even men are flaunting their hairstyles. Men today are seeped up with various styles like spikes, mullet cut, hair color, buzz cut, etc. Men need to search for a good stylist or a good barber because barbers and cutters know how to cut men's hair. If they try cutting at home or by any unprofessional barber they may get a crappy cut.

Furthermore grooming shears and other hair cutting elements have virtually been given new life by cutting age beauty schools and salons where technique has now evolved to become an art form and a specialized science all at the same time. Cynthia Atoji reflects this view and stresses that although nail care, cosmetology, and hair styling are separate fields it is wise that those who want to make it in the beauty industry know the following.

* The science and art of styling: No longer is hair cutting just about knowing how to properly use a pair of shears. The Pivot Point International program, for example, emphasizes different shapes, head curvature, and how the hair is projected, using technology and hands-on practice.

* Advanced applications: Beauty-conscious consumers are requesting services beyond a manicure or facial. Specialized training qualifies professionals to do micro dermabrasion treatments, air brush skin treatments, freehand scissor and razor cutting, and more.

* Self-promotion and marketing: Recognizing how to build a client base is an integral part of a successful cosmetology career. "A confident student in cosmetology and esthetics is prepared for the market," says Gary Federico, a second-generation Federico. An externship working with local shops can help students develop strong customer service skills.

With an expanding population of baby boomers, Generation X and Y, growing families, and an increasingly diverse community, the need for well-trained salon professionals who serve-and inspire-continues.

In conclusion Gandhi mentions how the hair industry is thriving in India.

Today, hair segment market is grooming in India and the market value has reached to Rs. 200 crore. Several Indian hair-dressers are going abroad to bring in new techniques and styles. They have an art in their hands to give a stunning and completely different look. Some of our Indian stylists have great demand across the border.
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Ed Friesen is the owner of "Salon Tools and Equipment" and his company offers various tools needed by individuals and salons for personal and beauty care. If you check his website, you have lots of variations to choose from - all types of shears, scissors, esthetics and beauty care products and other accessories. You can visit cheap grooming shears for more information.
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