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Podcasting: Success Secrets for Insurance Professionals in Any Economy

Sep 14, 2008
Podcasting is a smart way to use today's Internet technology to increase the profitability of your insurance business. No one likes to be sold insurance, or anything else. But everyone likes to learn about ways to increase their safety, peace of mind, and bottom line.

- Podcasters don't sell, they educate

Podcasts, when done right, educate your clients and potential clients. Podcasts are simple to create. You can do it yourself. On your podcast you can teach listeners different facts about the insurance business. You can include ideas about how they can increase their coverage, understand their deductable, or give better options to their employees. The focus is on the benefits, not the features.

Educating through podcasting produces in listeners the confidence that they understand what they need and you are the one that taught it to them! This will build trust between you and your audience. When listeners need insurance or have questions, they will go to you. You business has just increased and you didn't need to sell to anyone.

- Podcasts build relationships.

Podcasting is a great way to connect with numerous people that you may not otherwise meet face to face. When someone listens to a podcast, they feel like they know you better than when just reading words you have written. This can produce loyalty, and listeners will return week after week to hear your expertise.

Including a blog or question submission area on your website gives listeners a chance to further connect with you. After listening to a podcast, listeners can send you a question or comment right away. Your response will let them know that their thoughts are important to you and your business.

This connection will lead to referrals. When you have educated your clients and given them an open forum for feed back, they will feel comfortable sending a friend to you. They can refer their friends and family to your website to download your podcasts. Again, this will lead to a connection and if 1 person can tell 2, then 2 can tell 4 and your client base in being built.

- Podcasts make you a reason to stand out.

With so many choices available to clients in the insurance industry, you need a way to stand out. Podcasting gives you another opportunity to do just that. You have something unique to say to listeners based on your experience. When you take this expertise and create an educating podcast, you will stand out.

This involves finding your niche market. Just ask yourself, who do I want to speak to directly? Who do I feel I can best serve based on the experiences I have had in life and in business? Who is currently not being reached in the insurance industry? This is your niche market. Tailoring your podcasts to this market will increase your success even more.

With so many people connected to the Internet, giving them the option to connect with you is essential. Podcasts give you the opportunity to educate listeners, build relationships with clients and potential clients and to stand out. Podcasting is a great way to move your insurance business forward, without selling a thing.
About the Author
Charles "Butch" Grimes is a real estate Branding expert, entrepreneur, talk radio host, columnist and motivational speaker. Recognized as one of the nation's foremost real estate experts, Butch has helped realtors catapult their business through his educational broadcasts and speaking engagements across the country. For more lessons on podcasting or success in real estate, go to: www.wetalkrealestate.com or email at butch@butchgrimes.com
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