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Everything You Need To Know With Cash Pledges And Your Cash Gifting Business

Sep 14, 2008
Getting involved with a cash gifting business can be risky, but what opportunity is not on the internet? Many entrepreneurs are unsure of how the business works and how to make money with it. While there are cash pledges required to join, the rewards are well worth it.

In order to become a member of a cash gifting business, you must make a decision on what kind of cash pledge you want to make. This will determine what level of a member you are with the program. The lowest level is $500, the middle level is $1,500 and the highest is $3,500.

If you decide to start at a lower level to try out the business and find you love it, there is no worrying about climbing up. You can upgrade at any time simply by sending in the remainder of the pledge for that level. If you register at the $500 level, you will need to invest either $1,000 to make it to the next level or $3,000 for the top level.

What you want to keep in mind is that you will only receive what you invest. If you register at the $500 level and someone wants to send you $3,500, you will only be able to keep $500. After that, the remaining $3,000 will be passed on to the person above you.

Aside from the initial pledge that you are required to make, there are a few other costs involved to participate. You will be required to pay $120 for the online software subscription fee. This is what will provide you with tracking of your back office and gifting activity for a year. The other cost is $17 per month for the Getresponse pro account, but this is optional if you have your own hosting.

From there, the only other cost you will face is marketing. If you decide to pay for advertising, you will have to pay for it on your own. But there are a plethora of free marketing methods that can be just as effective for your cash gifting business.

So now that you know what costs to face, how soon can you begin making money? As soon as you generate enough targeted traffic to your site, you will begin making money with this amazing opportunity. As with any opportunity on the internet, you have to have traffic coming to your site in order to make money.

You may look at the initial cash pledge required to become a member and be a bit overwhelmed. But you have to look at the rewards that are offered in the long run. This is a true opportunity that you do not want to let pass by.
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Ron Raybourne is a successful online entrepreneur from SC. Ron has always recognized the power of the internet. He used his mgmt skills to jump start his biz and enjoys showing others how to duplicate his system utilizing cash gifting. Visit his website http://www.showinuthemoney.com .
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