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What The Heck Is Web 2.0?

Sep 15, 2008
The new happening thing in the web world is Web 2.0. You must have wracked your brain as to how it works? What is it? Where is it and going?

So do you feel that it is some highly technologically advance software program making a debut at the web world.

Let's just see how web 2.0 is nothing more than a simple tool that works to make the internet more users friendly.

Web 2.0 consist of AJAX, social book marking, RSS feed, tags and blogs. This will not give you the whole idea. Let's see some further aspects. Web 2.0 helps with media related activities, graphic intensive websites and constantly work on easing the entire web world. It also helps us experience the technology without even knowing it.

When Web 1.0 existed it was the old age of the internet. It was not attractive. Web 2.0 helps us regular updates unlike web 1.0.

It's important to compare some difference as this would enable you to understand better.

In case of web 1.0 if you had to look up for something you had to do something similar to an online dictionary. You had a limited access to a definition but now with web 2.0 you have a wide study available with the help of wikipedia.

Wikipedia provides you with in depth study updated by the users.

Blogging is a new rave in the web 2.0. They help both personal n business purposes.

With web 2.0 the traffic can be calculated by cost per click .the amount one pays determines the traffic.

On web 2.0, RSS feed automatically updates you with news and delivers it directly.

Tagging is also a web 2.0 technology. Tags allow search more specific. Book marking websites helps in identifying tags.

Web 2.0 has made internet a much easier place to shop play and work. The future of internet lies in web 3.0. Though it is unpredictable, however there are certain standard paths that may lead us to the right direction. The problem with its prediction is that there are too many possibilities.

Some think that the internet will have its own artificial intelligence and some think that the graphic would become more advance.

There might be more web applications which would be modular and above all the speed will increase.

It will bring on innovation that would help to bring about application. These would be smaller and have the ability to run on multiple devices. Some believe that the internet will become three dimensional. There are many idea that are taken into consideration while talking about the change that will be brought about with web 3.0.

Let's talk on a relative term i.e. to say that a web of any new version would become smarter than the previous version, more interactive and easier to use. With each passing year these things would develop.

Internet has been a magnum opus since its birth and with each passing age it would be greater and bigger. Given the fact that Internet has immense potentials,there will inevitably be further growth and development.
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