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Start A Blog and Set Yourself Apart

Sep 15, 2008
Are you looking for a fantastic way to make yourself and your business stand head and shoulders above the competition? Make yourself an expert in your future customers' eyes by writing and updating your own blog.

Writing a blog is a great way to keep search engines interested in your online content. When your website's content is old and dry, you are not getting as high in the search engine results as you need to be. Fresh, new content that is useful and relevant inspires search engines to boost your page ranking.

New content in a blog also inspires your customers to actually pay attention to your website. If you have something fresh and new to share with them, they feel like you are a relevant and informed expert in your field.

Blogs build your credibility. Instead of just being a nameless and faceless corporation, you become a business owner that your customers and potential clients can get to know online before they ever contact you in person.

Imagine if you could talk directly to prospective customers and educate them about the products and services your business has to offer. Blogs make that idea a reality. If you are an expert in home siding repair, public speaking or online banking, it is time to make your voice heard.

Writing a blog isn't as intimidating as it sounds. Simply sit down at a computer in a quiet room or office, and brainstorm a list of topics about which you feel you know enough to write. It is often helpful to keep the keywords of your website in mind when you are choosing a blog topic. For instance, if you sell siding, you are probably going to want to concentrate your blog content on issues related to home repair and vinyl siding.

When you start to write, be sure to avoid typical pitfalls. Don't try to infuse your blog with too much humor unless you're a professional comedian. You want your blog readers to take you seriously. Don't write about overly complicated issues, or your readers won't understand what you are trying to teach them. Also, do not write about things that are out of your league. Make sure you keep the informative tone of an expert and educate your readers about facts they need to know.

If you are comfortable writing your blog, but you know your grammar and spelling skills are less than stellar, consider hiring a freelance writer to edit your blog before you post it. If you don't have a budget big enough to accommodate the fees of a freelancer, find a friend or family member that knows how to write well and ask them to proof your blog as a favor.

Once you've finalized your blog's content, it's time to post it on the web. If you don't get immediate rave reviews from everyone you know, be patient. It takes time for blogs to pick up readers. Traffic isn't generated overnight, but it will constantly increase if you continue to write new blogs on a regular basis. Aim to create a new blog at least once a month in order to see results.
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