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Paid Search V Organic Search

Sep 15, 2008
When you visit Google, you come across 2 areas that measure search results. The first type and most common one is the organic search results that are displayed on the left side of the page. This result is measured with 10 results per page and the key is to get on the first page or the top ten. The paid search results is displayed along the top, down the left above the organic search results and down the right side of the page, displayed in boxes. This layout was first generated by Google, and has since been populated and enhanced by many search engines across the internet.

The key however, is to understand the difference on how to get listed to the top of the organic search and how to get to the top of the paid search results. First, let's take a look at the organic search result; also know as the natural search results. An organic search result can be conquered by a particular website if the website has several key factors attributed to it. The first factor is to make sure that your website is fully optimized in accordance to search engine requirements. Certain points are to make sure you have keywords and a description associated to your website. Also, make sure that your images have been ALT Tagged so the search engine spiders can recognize your images as text and index those in its database.

The paid search feature works much differently then the natural search result. The paid search works on pay-per-click that asks the website manager to pay for every keyword that a user types into. One thing to keep in mind to avoid confusion is to remember that the organic search and the paid search feature work simultaneously when a user enters a word into the search field. In order to get to the top of the paid search list, you have to be willing to pay for a keyword that you want your website to appear on. For example, if you want to website to appear to the top of the paid search list for the word "weddings' and the word "wedding" costs, $2.00/word, then you have to bid for the word and be willing to pay 2.00 every time a user types that word in and you have money to cover that bid. It is a sort of debit system, where you have some much money and are able to cover the amount of requests for the word.

So in conclusion, make sure that you are ready to have your website properly setup to be indexed through the organic search result, because this is the first place that users will be looking to click for a website. However, in order to be listed quicker than an organic search result, a paid inclusion will get your website listed quicker on a search engine such as Google, whereas a natural return would take weeks in not months to be found. Make sure your website is enabled to handle both, not just one, and definitely not both.
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