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How To Understand The Relationship Marketing?

Sep 15, 2008
On the other hand, while the "Service Marketing" is defined as a service, which is any act of performance that one party can offer to another that is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything. Its production may or may not be tied to a physical product.

Yet, the main purposes of relationship marketing are to find, preserve, and assist the customer relationships to be able to meet the aims of parties. It can be realized through a mutual exchange and fulfilling promises as well.

There are many points of views regarding how to understand the relationship marketing. In this meaning, it must go closer to customers to be able to get the utmost identify and fulfilling needs of them.

Relationship marketing may intend to be a "successful strategies for the age of the customer".
However, it is impossible to focus on one definition of relationship marketing. The reason is each of definition is affected by various research traditions along with different hypothesis, which, in turn, affect their authors and reflect their own perspectives.

To understand the relationship marketing, it must get involved with some basic issues. The customer care is very important here.

* Customer satisfaction
The customer satisfaction is the main target of relationship marketing in every successful company. Customer satisfaction is the corner stone of developing the economy as well. Measurements are taking place in investigating the customer satisfaction in a given society. Research and development assist marketing and measurements in this issue.

* Customer retention
Customer retention is very important. Yet, expectations of the customer may be fulfilled, thus it employ automation and add value for customers. Employees can concentrate on the value adding tendencies. New programs and new tendencies are taking place in this status. Customer retention is a key factor for the successful competition and attached with quality.

Trust, commitment and Customer loyalty
To build the trust and commitment of the customer, it must focusing on the optimized method to attract him and gain his trust as well.

The knowledge of his requests, fulfilling them on time, providing discounts, and introducing new technological methods applied on the existed products and services are considered the great issues in understanding the relationship marketing.

However, better understanding and easier procedures must be provided. Of course, the result is the consumer loyalty, since adding value to financial services can be useful in allowing the expanding into new markets of the company's products.

Understanding the relationship marketing is not easy, yet it needs more focusing on new issues and considering the psychological positions of the customer as well.
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