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Personalized Self Inking Stamps Improve Your Business Activity

Sep 15, 2008
Personalized self inking stamps can be a valuable asset to any office. They can save a great deal of time by stamping text which businesses need to repeat hundreds of times. While there are many self inking stamps on the market with pre-prepared text (such as "Copy" or "Received on"), most business will find a need, at some point in time, for a stamp with text very specific to their company.

One example of where personalized self inking stamps are useful is in legal offices: Legal documents need original signatures, and invariably the name of the signatory needs to be printed below. Having the name of someone who signs documents frequently set in a personalized self inking stamp can save a good deal of time. Public notaries, CEOs, corporate partners, attorneys, loan officers, etc. are all examples of people who may need to sign their name to documents multiple times a day - stamping their name instead of writing it not only saves time, but it also guarantees that the name is legible.

Addresses and phone numbers are another example of text that might be set in a personalized self inking stamp. When an office relocates, it usually has letterhead, envelopes and many other pre-printed items with an old address and telephone number. It is much more cost effective and environmentally-friendly to simply change the address and phone number on the old paper goods until they run out.

While pre-printed labels are an option, it is actually faster to stamp the new contact information on paper than peel and stick a label. When you are looking at changing the address on thousands of sheets of paper, the matter of one or two seconds more spent on labels versus a stamp can translate into real hours.

Personalized self inking stamps are also more convenient and efficient to use than the old style of stamp, which requires a separate inkpad. Self inking stamps have an on-board ink pad, and they re-ink after every use. This allows the user to stamp hundreds of times before having to stop to re-ink the pad.

In short, instead of two motions stamp paper, stamp the ink pad there is only one motion: stamp paper. Also, self inking stamps seal the on-board ink pad after every use, eliminating the problems caused by a dried-out ink pad. They also eliminate the mess of regular stamps because the stamping unit is self-contained, keeping the stamp from accidentally printing its text on desks, hands, and other papers.
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