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Sep 15, 2008
It seems it is getting harder and harder for everyone to make what little they earn stretch to cover even the basic cost of living. People are working longer hours just to get by. This is having an impact on family life as families are spending less quality time together and the lack of money causes friction within the home.

There are several things you can do to remedy the situation. The first thing you should do is to consider your monthly outgoings, I know it is something you do not want to do but writing everything down puts things in black and white. It also allows you to clearly see where all the money is going and any possible savings you can make.

The next step is to see if you can earn more. This may seem strange but you can ask your boss for a raise. Explain your financial situation, you may not get a pay rise but you could also consider switching to a higher paid job within the company or even working some extra hours.

So you have considered all the other options and you want to work from home doing some sort of typing work. This can sometimes be the only practical option if you are a stay at home single mother or you need to be able to work from home and only have unusual hours to spare. You may only be able to work a few hours in the evening after the kids have gone to bed.

Typing at home can cover a myriad of jobs so what exactly are you typing. You may have come across lots of ads asking for people to work from home only to find you have to pay out money up front. Whilst there are legitimate opportunities that do require up front investment if you are a new to working at home on the internet I would stay away from these.

The first type of typing jobs are those that pay you a piece work rate which means you get paid per task completed. There are various jobs available each with differing levels of difficulty and different levels of pay. You may or may not have heard of paid to read, paid to view emails, paid to view ads. Well these are probably the easiest jobs to do requiring no skill but are of course the least well paid.

The second type of job is more time consuming per task and requires more skill and involvement. Surveys, mystery shopping and other jobs that require you to provide you opinion. There are lots of similar jobs on the internet including believe it of not getting paid to play games. These types of jobs require more skill and time but are more financially rewarding.

The third type of work at home typing jobs are those that require the most skill. They do pay more but do require a certain level of skill and knowledge. This is where you will be providing a service to others, much like a secretary only the jobs are more varied and diverse Typical tasks include copy typing and data entry and other typing intense tasks.
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Caroline can show you how she managed to find work from home typing jobs that allowed her to fit a busy family life into a working day and earn enough to pay the bills. Find out more at http://www.workfromhometyping.co.uk/.
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