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Business of Wholesale Air-Conditioning

Aug 17, 2007
Whatever we buy we generally don't think of getting things at wholesale prices. The reason is simple - we just don't need to buy things in bulk. But there are exceptions to this rule. Suppose you just built your new office with at least 10 to fifteen sections and you don't plan to have a central air conditioning system. Or you have got yourself a huge house and you want every room to be air conditioned. But you also don't want to spend extra on electricity bills by installing a central air conditioning system as the majority of the rooms wouldn't be occupied for most of the time.

Anything that is wholesale is definitely quite a difficult buy but easy on the pocket. It is quite the same with air conditioners. Buying air conditioners in bulk will often come at wholesale prices. If you're finishing an entire office or building, you can shop around for wholesale prices. Sometimes a huge house may need more than fifteen air conditioners and the owner can probably purchase them at a wholesale cost. Retailers often purchase hundreds of air conditioners at wholesale prices to sell in their outlets at retail prices.

Whether you are buying one air conditioner or hundreds, you need to have a basic idea on what you are buying. Make sure to look at the newer models on the market. They are cost effective and will save you money. Shop for high efficiency units. All air conditioners that are sold in the United States have to have an energy efficiency-rating label clearly visible. This will save you money on energy bills. Make sure that you purchase the right size for your windows, or you may want to consider a wall-mounted unit. They don't require any window space, and make it harder for thieves to break in. If you do purchase a window model, look for one that hangs below the window a bit to allow for some sunshine. For the very best prices and deals, shop for air conditioners during the fall and winter months. During the spring and summer, everyone is looking for an air conditioner. Some stores even sell out, so you can be sure prices will be at their peak at that time.

There are special rates quoted by most air conditioning companies for wholesale buyers. These rates are subject to changes, depending on the number of air conditioners purchased.
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