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A Review of the Lifewave Income Opportunity

Sep 15, 2008
Lifewave is a weight loss company whose flagship product is the SP6 Appetite Control Patch. This patch claims to be able to control a person's appetite through placement of the patch onto certain appetite control acupressure points on the body. The company claims that people who use this appetite control patch find that their cravings have been reduced, and that the patch is very easy and convenient to use. They do put a disclaimer up that says the patch has not yet been evaluated by the FDA.

The Lifewave company offers an income opportunity that promises its distributors can earn money in four ways. They can sell the products directly, sell the products through the website, and earn fast start bonuses by bringing in new members and by building a network of other Distributors. Basically what you will do is buy the product at wholesale price, mark it up whatever retail price you want.

Obviously the best way to earn more money with Lifewave is to build a down line and to refer new members. A member can enroll at three different levels. For every member you enroll who becomes a gold member you get one hundred dollars. For every member you enroll who becomes a silver member, you get fifty dollars. For every member you enroll who becomes a bronze member, you get fifteen dollars. The better way, supposedly, is building your down line. In most income opportunities, this really would be the best way to earn an income. With this company though, your down line is binary.

A binary down line is a down line that is divided into two parts. As you add Distributors to your down line, you put them on your first or your second team. Your commissions as the head of the down line are an average of the commissions earned by both teams. This looks like it could end up earning you twice as much, but really it earns you half as much. Say your first team earns one hundred dollars. The second team earns no dollars. Your commission, then, will be based on fifty dollars of sales.

It looks like, in order to be paid, you and your down line must reach certain minimum goals each month. We couldn't figure out if the amount made each month carries over, or if you have to start from scratch every month.

Unfortunately you can't sign up directly from the Lifewave website. You need to be referred by another distributor. We couldn't find a link that would locate a distributor for us to contact, so we aren't able to tell you how much it costs to get started.

The opportunity looks fairly straightforward. It isn't clear how often you get paid or if you even get paid if monthly minimums aren't met. Whether or not you join is up to you. It doesn't look like a company designed to rip off its distributors, so join at your own risk.
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