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A Review of Network Marketer Linda Forsythe

Sep 15, 2008
If you are in a position to make some decisions about the possibility of new money making opportunities in your life, one of the first things that you need to do is learn about them. Linda Forsythe is someone who wants to help you get to know all about the different possibilities that are open to you.

When you take a look at what Linda Forsythe has to offer, you'll often find that there is a great deal of wisdom that can be revealed, but how pertinent is it to what you are interested in? Essentially, to what extent can it help you?

The first thing to take a look at is what are Linda Forsythe's qualifications? What has Linda Forsythe done that qualifies her to help you in this way? In the first place, Linda Forsythe had done quite a lot to add her knowledge to the pool of inspirational and motivational literature out there.

She is the founder of Mentors International, as well as the Mentors Magazine, which supports the organization. She also organized the well-known book, Walking With the Wise, and this work is the one that has brought her to the attention of networking community.

With Walking With the Wise, Linda Forsythe draws together the knowledge of many impressive and important people in the world. Linda Forsythe brings together the knowledge they share and no matter what your field or what your goals are, they all bear reading.

The people that are collected in her book are very different, but the thing that all seventy of them share is that they have been wildly successful at what they have done. Some of the notables in this collection include Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracey, Dottie Walters and Zig Ziglar, to name only a few. With Walking With the Wise Volume II, she continues this trend.

You might decide before working with Linda that you speak with her first to see if she is a real person. All our research based on connections we have tells us that she really is out for your success and will go the extra mile to help you achieve it. When we did a MySpace add friend request before this review she added us in less than a day. So it appears she is on top of her game.

The question then becomes, how useful is this book to you? First, don't look at it as a source of hard and fast financial knowledge, though some of the advice does tend in that direction. Essentially, many people get success from using this book as an inspiration rather than a blueprint.

They are the words of experts, but for more solid knowledge of the field that you are working on, you might want to seek more complete and detailed sources of information. These books are highly affordable and can be found easily on Amazon, so if you are in need of inspiration, then by all means see what Linda Forsythe can do for you today!
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