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Learning to Be an Entrepreneur in Your Online Business

Aug 17, 2007
One of the major factors, besides making money, of having an online home business is to be in control of your life. An Internet business is about working the most comfortable schedule you can. Wearing the comfortable wardrobe you want to wear, setting up an ideal home office you feel good about, and being your own boss.

While no one can legitimately tell you that an Internet business is a breeze to start and make money at, those who have been there and done that, and succeeded. I will tell you that it is wonderfully stimulating and satisfying, even when there is a small or even a zero income level at the beginning.

Financial outcome, however, is the prime time factor in any business, including an Internet home business. Training is one of the major factors in succeeding at entrepreneur ventures, online or not, home, partnership, LLC or corporate.

There are some things you really need to know about running a business in general, and working in the industry of your individual business in particular. You need to know these if you are to earn the income from your enterprise that you desire.

Many organizations offer online training. While some are multi level marketing firms, and some are not, you can buy products from drop ship suppliers, make them yourself if you wish or work many of the fine affiliate programs or an online auction business.

These opportunities are available today. With help, you can train on your computer from home though auction training is better if learned in live classes. Topics include all factors involved in starting, growing and maintaining an online business.

What you will get is experience at being a capitalist. The Communist and Dictatorship run countries do not like it. They would rather their citizens shoot the devil out of each other and live in caves and mud homes.

The reason for this is a few people who have managed to get in control of populations of millions of people and want everyone to be dependent on them because they are ego maniacs who could not run an affiliate program if their life depended on it. This is because they are insecure losers. They only know how to hurt and push people around.

Unfortunately, many Americans are insecure and want other people to run their lives. This is not what this country was founded for. This is not what millions of Americans have died for in wars overseas and in the American Revolution and Civil War here.We want to be independent.

Over 250,000 of us so called White Americans died in the Civil War so our brother and sister Americans of color can be free. I do not want them or you to live under the yoke of dependence on others whims again, Never!

Did we do this so power hungry socialist, communist politicians can run our lives? Tell me now, do we want to give up this capitalist business idea to pompous, egoistic, fat and old politicians who have run up a deficit of over Eleven Trillion Dollars?

These stupid people can not run anything right, no less our lives. They have to literally steal your money and mine from our hard earned Social Security funds, from our jobs, and keep dropping worthless IOUs in them to cut the debt just a little bit. Is this what we capitalists want?

Multi level marketing is NOT what you want to do unless you are extremely talented. Why? Because this is what you have to be to succeed at it. Over ninety percent of all MLM companies have failed over the years.

I have spent thousands of hours and many thousands of dollars in building large down lines in several MLMs, only to have the suckers declare bankruptcy and confiscate millions of dollars that were still in the business. They can still legally do this and, rest assured, more will do this in the future.

Some MLMs are honest but it is too difficult for 95 percent of people to make it. Forget MLM unless you are Mister or Misses Super salesman man or woman. I hope you understand this point.

Take after eBay training programs set up, cheaply, and sanctioned by eBay to learn from successful eBay sales people who have already sold lots of products online and can show you how to do it. You can learn drop shipping. There are a few excellent drop shippers to work with. You can make your own products. Many make their own products. You can sell e-books.

Study affiliate marketing on the inter net for a full year before you spend a penny and you will dramatically increase your chances of succeeding fast. The trick here is to study your butt and brain off to learn everything you can.

Do you see the difference? You jump into it and fail from no experience. Whereas, if you work long, hard and smart for a year learning the business you are now ready to start. You are now prepared to beat the band and success is now a light kiss away.

Another field, online business, you can make it in is Article Directory web sites. It takes some spending and at least six months to start the first dribble of income from this and a full year of working it everyday but you can do it. Many have.

If you like or are good at writing, even a little bit, you can make it a little quicker and bigger. That is the truth. It just takes, you guessed it, work, smart honest tactics and persistence until you make that first penny of profit and then you keep up the good work and go on from there.

If you have to get into something where you have to bend the truth and lie you will have no chance to succeed. If I told you any of this was easy and you tried it and failed, how would you feel?

You can make it with work, persistence and long and hard study but, by God, you can make it this way. I beg you, be your own man or woman. Be independent and be a capitalist, an entrepreneur. There is no better life for you, not a one.
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