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The Popularity and Ease of Internet File Hosting

Sep 15, 2008
In recent years, commercialized file hosting has drastically increased in popularity, and with good reason. In the early days of computers and before everyone had high-speed Internet in their homes, people were forced to rely mostly on floppy disks as a means of storing or sharing data. Those days have long since passed.

File hosting allows a person (or company) to upload and store files on the Internet, often with a simple click of the mouse. The reasons for wanting to do so include sharing files and media, saving data for backup purposes, and in order to store and organize information. Most common, perhaps, is for sharing media.

The way it usually works is that the user will upload a file or files from their hard drive to be stored on the hosting site. A link to where the file is located is given to the user in order for them to share and retrieve it.

Since the beginning of the new millennium, many new websites have been created in order to allow people to host their files, and many of those websites provide their services free of charge. However, in most cases, while a basic account is free, it has limits.

Typically, single files are restricted to 10 MB or less and overall space allotted is usually less than 1 GB. Also, many free sites will delete uploaded files after a period of inactivity, usually after six months, but sometimes after as little as two weeks. Such sites will usually offer premium services with unlimited files size and storage space for a membership fee.

Despite the limitations for free sites, most individuals are able to store and share their files without needing to upgrade to a premium account. Also, even if the more popular file hosting sites charge for their services, with a small amount of searching, it's usually possible to find a site that will suits most people's needs. Businesses wishing to back up their files usually purchase their own server for such purposes.

Another advantage of file hosting is for software developers wishing to distribute their products. Shareware products are usually uploaded to a server (or free file hosting site) and people wishing to purchase the software are given a download link after their payment has been received. The drawbacks to this, however, are that if there are many people accessing the site, there could be lag or even downtime if there is too much traffic.

Nevertheless, file hosting on the Internet remains a popular and useful service. Even if the costs for external hard drives are reduced, the convenience of Internet hosting will likely not diminish. There is no cheaper or easier way to share files.
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