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The Power Of Viral Marketing

Aug 17, 2007
One good way to generate viral traffic is to setup a 'buy one get a half off coupon' event. People will then coordinate with friends and business partners to purchase your product together, so they can get it for cheaper. And those who just purchase it alone will probably look for a friend or partner to give that half off coupon to.

Viral marketing campaigns can be used to increase your natural search engine rankings, among other things; however, to get the most out of them, you will want to find ways to make it easy for people to repost your link with the correct keywords in the correct places. You might want to do this by setting up a linking code on your product or on your product download page.

Using ViralPDF is an excellent way to market your viral products. This will allow you to circulate reports for free and include a link to your product in them as an upsell. You can then allow all of your affiliates to rebrand this report to include their own. This will give them a strong incentive to circulate your report.

If you want to liven up your viral marketing campaign, you can always take it offline. For instance, you can send out paper coupons with online offers to bulk mailing lists. As always, it is important to target your crowd and to give them some reason to spread the word. You may want to include coupon Ids that may be used up to 10 times.

Consider using viral marketing to brand your product or business as being a creative enterprise. While most businesses appear to be grinding away at the same ideas, you can make yours appear to be an industry leader. Viral marketing is an excellent way to do that, as it spreads the word about your business to the masses, even if not all of them are converted.

Carefully plan your viral marketing campaign. In fact, very FEW viral marketing campaigns actually 'take off' and generate as much targeted traffic as was initially intended. If you don't spend the time to develop the right product and to setup viral marketing mechanisms within a pool of warm prospects, you will find that your results will be tepid at best.

There are actually a number of free viral marketing scripts available at places like Sourceforge. This list includes 'invite a friend boxes,' software that allows you to create rebranders, and link generator programs. All of these free scripts will make your viral marketing campaign easier; and will also cut down your budget significantly.

Creating a software demo is possibly one of the best ways in which to generate viral traffic. All you have to do is give a semi-functional or fully-functional demo copy of a piece of software away for free; and then setup some sort of forwarding mechanism, so all users can then send it to friends. Since software has a high perceived value, this should work well.
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