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Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website With Keyword Rich Articles

Sep 15, 2008
Actively using search engines with keyword rich articles can drive a lot of traffic to your website. Unless your website shows up when a search is performed, potential visitors will not find your website. Keywords are "signs" that point a roadmap to your website. It is very important the keywords you choose must be suitable. The actual content on your website should contain the words that people would be typing in to a search engine. When the page contains the same words that people are searching for it becomes more relevant so the search engines will send you more traffic.

You should use the words people are searching for and be very specific in the use of those words. When people perform a search, the relevance of a page is determined by having more specific keywords. Keywords are the starting point of the whole marketing strategy. If chosen incorrectly, your target audience may never find you. When choosing a keyword to write an article on choose one that has over one hundred searches a day but one that does not have more than fifty thousand results in the search engines. That way your article will have a chance of appearing on the first page of search results and will be seen and read.

Ascertaining the keywords that people are searching for about your product can be difficult. The words that you may use may not be the same words that they are typing in to find you because, unlike them, you know a lot about product. Using online tools to find keywords relevant to your niche is important. The Word Tracker service and both Google ad words and Yahoo keyword tools should be used. These tools are valid because they are based on actual searches being done by the people looking for your product or service.

Each word in the keyword list must be evaluated as to its potential effectiveness. The number of results that appear by doing a quick search of a keyword is a quick way to evaluate its popularity. The services discussed above will also assist you at this. You want to become relevant for more popular search terms that are more likely to be entered into the search engines. Primarily, you should put yourself in the place of the consumer and set up your website so that someone who doesn't know anything about you will be able to find you.
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