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How To Inform And Entertain With Your Articles

Sep 15, 2008
Article marketing is one of the most widely used forms of promotion and marketing. And although this is really an easy technique to use it is possible to write tons of articles without having much success. The key reason for that is the writer forgets that he or she is writing for the reader.

Let me explain a little more. Books have been written on the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is very important to please the search engines in order to get the ranking and positioning desired but when writing an article you should remember that your true audience is the reader and not the search engines.

You will need to use keywords because that is how your article will be categorized with the search engines. The key terms you use will help people find you when they are looking for information related to your topic.

But let us get back to your audience and what is necessary to keep them happy and reading. Obviously they sought out your article in search of information. They may want to explore a new topic that they are unfamiliar with or they may want specific information about a sub-category within a topic.

Whatever your article is about it should provide useful and accurate information. If you are writing about a subject that you are unsure of then it is your responsibility to do adequate research before you begin writing. Remember, you need to come across as an authority in your field, someone that knows what he is talking about.

Now it is true that facts and details can get boring and a bored reader is less likely to complete an article. It is important to note that your sales pitch is in the resource box and if the reader does not finish the article he is not likely to see it.

The point is that your article should not only be informative, it is should also be entertaining. I am not saying that you have to make your reader laugh out loud but you do have a responsibility to make the content interesting enough that your reader does not get bored.

This can be accomplished in various ways. You might consider adding a personal story that relates to the topic. You should allow your personality to shine through. Do not be afraid to make a joke or a statement about how you feel about something. As long as you keep things professional this insight into the real you will add interest to your article.

Be sure to address the reader as if you are talking to an individual and not a group of potential readers. This will make the reader feel that the article was meant for him or her, to address his needs and not those of everyone else.

Article formatting is key to getting your article read. Keep in mind that readers are going to be in a hurry. They want information but they want it now. If your article appears to be difficult to read many people will not bother with it. So use short sentences and paragraphs and break your content up using bullet points or lists when possible.

The key to getting your articles read is keeping in mind that you are writing for the reader and not yourself or the search engines. Put the reader, potential customer first, and then build in the features that are needed to create traffic and sales.
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