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How You Can Write An Article In Five Fast And Simple Steps

Sep 15, 2008
Article marketing is probably the most widely used form of promotion on the Internet. The reasons are many, including the fact that it can be done for very little or no cost at all. And the results can be amazing; it is possible to see profits from an article years after it has been written.

That is a huge plus because when compared to most other forms of promotion article marketing outshines them in regard to the long-term benefits that can be achieved. Articles can in effect provide a passive income to the Internet marketer.

This knowledge has brought about a resurgence in article marketing popularity. In reality, if you are not using article marketing to promote your services, your products, your website and yourself you are essentially leaving money on the table, and that is money that should be in your bank account.

It really is easy to get started using article marketing. The first thing you must do is learn to write articles, unless of course, you can afford to outsource that task. But for most of us writing the articles ourselves seems to be the quickest and most doable plan of action.

Writing articles is not difficult but there are certain key components that must be remembered. Please look over the list below:

1) Sufficient research
2) Catchy title
3) Great opening paragraph
4) Quality content
5) Effective resource box

If you are writing about a topic that you already know a lot about then little or no research will be needed. But if you are only slightly familiar with the subject matter then research will be the backbone of your article. The secret is to do complete research before you begin writing.

Find a system that works for you. Then research until you are ready to explode with information. This means that you simply cannot wait to put your thoughts and ideas into article format.

Find a title that uses your keywords. Keywords are the terms that people would use in a search in order to find your subject matter. A good tip is to go into a well known article directory and see which article titles seem to be working well for others. It is not necessary to re-invent the wheel. Find a title that is working for an article and tweak it to make it relevant to your topic; but remember, you should not use a title straight from another article.

Your first paragraph should be an opening to the rest of the article. Use your keywords in this paragraph where they fit in. This paragraph will entice the reader to read the rest of the article. It basically tells the reader what the article is about.

Your content should be informative and entertaining. You must keep the attention of your readers. Again, use your keywords where they fit. Keep in mind that you want to build up a need or want for what you are offering in your resource box. It is a good idea to end with a summary of what you have told the readers in your article.

The final step is your resource box. I suggest that your first sentence in the box reads like a continuation of the article. If you can provide a special offer for the readers you are more likely to get click-throughs to your desired site. Many people offer a free report or ecourse. Some offer a discount on a product or service.

Use your imagination to entice your readers and remember that the goal of the article is to get the readers to click on your link. Through the use of article marketing you will see increased traffic that will result in increased sales. You will also be establishing yourself as an authority in your field.
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