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Get Your IM Plan Off the Ground

Sep 15, 2008
Every week, Internet marketing hopefuls purchase new programs, e-books and scour message boards, trying to learn as much as possible on their road to becoming the next great Internet marketing success story. Education and research are great tools. The only problem is that too many of these hopefuls allow the fear of the unknown and lack of a feasible game plan to keep their dream a dream, instead of making it a reality.

The path to success is action, not inaction. When you spend week after week researching and learning without putting any of your new knowledge and tools to work, this is inaction. You are never going to find money in your Paypal account without being proactive and putting your game plan into motion.

If you struggle with coming up with a game plan, there are ways to get motivated. Wealthy Affiliate is an online program that not only provides an active message board full of Internet gurus and professionals who are ready to help you, but also step-by-step guides and actions plans to help you take the sometimes scary first steps. It helps to know that many people have achieved success with these guides. You can take a deep breath, say goodbye to fear, and go through the steps. You are almost guaranteed to benefit more from an active experience than just reading and watching others succeed. Learning from your own experiences is the best teacher. In essence, you are leaving the classroom and jumping into the field, so you can learn first-hand what works and doesn't work.

It's the fear of failure that holds many people back from taking the leap. However, keep in mind that many great leaders and inventors and businessman have failed. It's a healthy part of a learning process and can actually benefit your situation if you allow it. By learning from failures, you learn what to do, what not to do, and how to bounce back from your mistakes.

Another important aspect to being proactive is obtaining the support you need to stick with it through the highs and lows. Working from home, as many Internet marketers do, has several perks, but one drawback can be isolation and lack of support. Instead of going on coffee breaks with co-workers or processing through an issue with your business partner, you are usually staring at the computer and trying to do it all on your own. There are excellent online communities available, so you just have to look around to find the right fit for your personality.

Wealthy Affiliate offers an exceptional community forum where people receive counsel and advice on a daily basis. Through this message board forum, you can also find people sharing in the excitement of successes and the disappointments of failures. It is a real community of people working together and helping each other to achieve success.

What's holding you back from succeeding in the world of online money making? Once you have the right tools and a game plan, you should be ready to move forward. Find the motivation and encouragement you need to get out there and do it. You'll be glad you did.
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