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Six Sigma Training For The Banking Industry

Sep 15, 2008
The DMAIC methodology can be put to good use in the banking industry as well. Tools like QFD have been utilized to maximum benefit in this industry.

Some big banks like Bank of America, Citibank, Bank of Southwest and others have achieved good results by applying the Six Sigma methodology to their various processes.

Define: In banking, customer satisfaction is the most important objective to achieve. Defining processes in consultation with bank employees and upper management is the first step in applying Six Sigma in this industry.

Measure: In this phase, Six Sigma professionals have to collect statistical data in consultation with management. The data can be measured to find out the impact it has on customer satisfaction.

The processes that need urgent improvement can be marked for change (e.g., the wait time for various processes can be measured at the different branches of the banks under different conditions).

Analyze: In this phase, the analysis of the processes that need to be improved is done and at minimum costs. All the aspects that affect customer satisfaction will be covered. For example, in cash transactions, the specific step that takes the most time and which needs reconsideration is the approval process.

Improve: In the improve phase, corrective action to improve the process is undertaken with consultation of the staff. These improvements are based on the facts and statistical data collected. Using the simulation tools, the effect of the proposed changes is checked.

Control: In the control phase, various control measures are put into place to control the process. If the process is falling short in achieving the expected results, then it is given back for reconsideration.

Mistake-proofing processes can be applied in electronic application processes. Another simpler solution is to simplify the processes further (e.g., while filling out forms for new accounts, new loan applications and so on).

The relevance of the information being collected can simply be explained to the customer so that the customer also ensures that the right information is provided regularly. An example of this is when customer moves to a new address, they should inform the bank of the new address - and they will do so if they know the relevance of that information to the bank.

The Bank of Southwest has used QFD as a powerful method to translate customer needs into design requirements. For their loan processing, which took nearly 24 days, they studied the entire process and found that a customer was only required to be at the bank once. With faster processing processes in place, and by providing the maximum loan with a competitive interest rate, they designed the project accordingly.

Six Sigma has been successfully used in different banks throughout the world. It provides good solutions suited to the needs of this dynamic industry.
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Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solution's Six Sigma Online offers online six sigma training and certification classes for six sigma professionals including, lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.
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