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With This Little Known Secret You Can Be an Affiliate Making Money

Sep 15, 2008
When you become and affiliate marketer you are agreeing to sell another persons products. You can do this with a website and online advertising. This can also be done off line with traditional advertising programs.

Thousands of people have become affiliate marketers for the simple reason it is a great way to earn money from home. Of course the number one method of being an affiliate making money with online sales is using the Internet because of it's ease and convenience.

But, there is secret to becoming successful with online affiliate marketing and it is the one secret that can make or break an affiliate marketer. It is something that is not talked about or advertised. The secret that I am talking about to becoming an affiliate making money is list building.

Many affiliate marketers have heard the saying "The Money Is In The List" and nothing truer could be said. It is the one ingredient that is the difference between making a living from home and working part time on your business.

The vast majority of "Super Affiliates" who are online today marketing different products all have very large list. These list can have thousands of names waiting to receive valuable information. Some of the most successful affiliate marketers have moved beyond selling some one else's product and have created their own products and promote these exclusively through their list. It has made many of them very wealthy.

Even if they no longer produced their own products and started selling other peoples products tomorrow they would still make huge incomes by simply marketing to the list they have built.

Many new affiliate marketers attempt to make a living using the free tools that most affiliate companies provide them. Most will advertise a replicated website and banner advertisements provided by the product owner with the beliefe these materials is all that is needed. Of course there is an occasional sale made or a new affiliate sign up but that becomes the end of marketing to those people.

It can be nearly impossible to make any real money if you do not own your website, your capture pages, and have full control of the names collected. It is nearly impossible to build a profitable list using someone else's web site.

To build a large list and become an affiliate making money you must have control of your web site and of the names that are on your list. Many successful online marketers use only lead capture pages that use a sign up form to gather the names of prospects. Often this page is all the information they will give their prospects until they give their name and email.

This creates a list of eager buyers who are anxiously awaiting the information they signed up to receive.

Building a list of targeted buyers is the only way to truly succeed as an affiliate marketer. If you can master the techniques of list building making money online will come much easier for you. This is the little known secret of affiliate making money that we all must be aware of.
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Stephen Meyer is an experienced home based business owner who offers many Internet marketing opportunities that can help any one succeed. You can see his opportunities at his "Passive Profits Newsletter" site. Also visit his Blog here, Affiliate making money Blog
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