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6 Great Tips For An Impressive Resume

Sep 15, 2008
A well-written resume is like a well-designed brochure that tells the reader who you are and what you can do. It will briefly relate your personal life, job history, objectives, achievements, and your skill sets. An impressive resume will increase your chances of catching the interviewer's attention.

In this article, we will discuss a few ways to make your resume impressive yet simple, so that it appeals to the interviewer.

1. Name and Contact Details

Put contact information up front. Make certain your mailing address, phone numbers, e-mail, and cell phone numbers are easy to find when the employer decides to contact you.

2. Career Summary

Your relevant strengths and skills should be highlighted in a manner that is not pompous but convincing. Everything else you write in your resume must be relevant to your skills and strength. If there is something that doesn't support your summary, do not include it.

The career summary should focus on your basic skill sets, experience, and knowledge. You may use a paragraph to write this summary or use bulleted points.

Whichever style you choose, make it brief, yet interesting.

3. Work Experience, Achievements, and Responsibilities

Experience is your main asset. Relevant job details should be included in descending order, the last job coming first. List job details chronologically. Present your job details in bulleted rather than paragraph form.

Your past employer's name, your job title, tenure in years and months, and a brief description of your responsibilities and achievements are better presented in a simple bulleted format.

4. Educational Qualifications

Educational qualifications are important. Focus on achievements, projects, and assignments completed when you were a student.

If you have a lot of work experience, this is not as important; nevertheless, it must be briefly mentioned.

5. Work Achievements, Hobbies, and Interests

Your interests and hobbies reflect your personality and skills. List all your achievements in order of importance. Present your interests as well as your hobbies to prove that you are a multifaceted person.

A lengthy resume is boring and will not sustain the reader's interest for long, so keep your sentences short. Demonstrate your ability by using words such as supervised, managed and arranged.

6. Formatting

Verdana 10 point type should be used for the content while Verdana 12 point type with bold font should be used to write the subtitles.

Maintain the same tense throughout your resume; changing tense results in confusion and the reader is likely to become annoyed. Remember that your resume is just the first step; networking and a good personal interview are equally or more important in securing your desired dream assignment or job.

A well-written resume will help you get a foot in the door.
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